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It would be ridiculous to assume that, you, someone interested in health and fitness, an intelligent reader of my posts aren’t already aware of the useful tools found on the internet that aid in reaching health and fitness goals: bmi calculators, calorie trackers, meal planners, youtube workout videos, etc. etc. However; one of my favorite treasure troves of knowledge is my email inbox, chock full of health and fitness e-newletters that are hand delivered to me by the internet mailman himself on daily basis.

Most health-related websites offer a free newsletter for which you can sign up to receive the highlights of their web-page content. Some reasons that I absolutely love e-newseltters in general is because of the convenience of limiting a search for recipes, exercises, or diet tips to only my archived emails. Typically, if I think the content of an email will come in handy in the future, I archive it; That way when I am ready to shoot myself if I have to eat another Clif bar as a dorm room meal, I will send my mom a delicious soup recipe that I saw in a newsletter, or if I want a quick interval workout for the gym, I will type “interval” into the search bar on gmail and undoubtedly something worth looking at will result.

If you want your own, personalized, fitness and nutrition knowledge base, I highly suggest visiting some healthy webpages and subscribing away. Here are some e-newsletters that I have found to be a worthwhile subscription:

Fitsugar via popsugar.com

This all inclusive email provides general fitness news, trends, and tips as well as sport-specific articles in the same respects. Diet tips, workout fashion advice, recipes, links to other fit blogs, and fresh health news are only a few of the topics covered that make Fitsugar any fitness fiend’s true love.

Fabfitfun via fabfitfun.com

Created by Giuliana Rancic of E News, FabFitFun offers 2-cents (maybe even 3-cents) on a broad range of topics that appeal to any well-maintained women. She covers everything from nutrition, to fitness, to beauty, to shopping. Ladies check it out.

Beachbody newsletter via beachbody.com

The company that created P90X, Insanity, and Turbo Fire also puts out an extremely informative newsletter every few weeks. It not only includes the latest on Beachbody products but also motivational success stories, nutrition articles, and trainer tips.

Practice specific emails from yogajournal.com and runnersworld.com are also amongst my favorites and I would high suggest checking them out if you hit the roads or mat on a regular basis.

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