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In honor of the debut of Bethenny Frankel’s 3rd season of her own show on Bravo, I want to post a review of the her book: Naturally Thin.

Bethenny’s first book was written while  she was still on Real Housewives of New York City. She labeled herself as a “natural foods chef” at that time. Since writing the first book, she’s written two more; she began the Skinnygirl line of cocktails, starting with the margarita and her brand has expanded to include nutrition bars, cleansing vitamin packs, cosmetics, etc. I can tell you ,though, that the most enlightening, beneficial, healthy product of Bethenny’s is her first book.

Naturally Thin is not a diet. It is an outline of eating habits that allow the reader to pick and choose which rules they need to work on in their own life. Bethenny shares personal stories about her own experiences with the rules or the experiences of others she’s worked with. The first section of the book describes the rules of being “naturally thin” in detail, while the second part is an account of Bethenny’s days applying these rules and tips and how readers can do the same.

Some lines that speak to me:

“…balancing your diet like a bank account-monitor your spending and know when to stop.”

Its been a while since I’ve read this book and this line definitely jumped at me. I’m known for feasting at meals, not always on the dessert line, but just feasting in general. I’ll go to dinner after the gym –famished and ignore satiety signals. Keeping this rule in mind will make meals more satisfying and relaxing.

“Cancel your membership to the Clean Plate Club.”

We all hear it as kids, that fictitious club that teaches us that we MUST devour everything in sight- out of respect for those who can’t. I say, Bethenny’s right. Why keep eating something that tastes mediocre? Or worry about wasting an overly cheesy piece of dining court lasagna that is probably worth $0 .02? Why not listen to our bodies and allow them to tell us when to stop rather than our eyes?

“Maybe you need to think about who you are, where your strengths lie, what your food noise says, and how you like to eat.”

Even if you are naturally thin already, you can probably benefit from taking a closer look at this line. Knowing your own personal preferences and listening to them is part of remaining in equilibrium with your body. If you love to work out, know that your love of carbs is fine in moderation. If you love to watch tv, supplement that with your love of fruits and veggies. Think about what you truly care about on the road to heath and combine your loves for a smooth ride to self-confidence.

Naturally Thin is a relatable read that can benefit anyone who occasionally feels “out of sync” with their own health-related wants and needs.

Tomorrow: Strength training.

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