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I am no superwoman, and if you have superpowers please let the rest of us know where you found em’. They would probably help us avoid temptations, lazy days, and failures. Since, I have yet to acquire any power that I would consider “super” not to mention, “super human” I sometimes fall subject to couch-bound days, ice cream, and a lack of productivity.

I made it to day 29 of PUSH and feel pretty fantastic about that! Today I came up with a “mantra” to repeat to myself whenever I start to slip from my path to success. The mantra I chose is “stay in forward motion!” To me, this means continuing to take steps forward toward my goals, everyday. Did a coach or teammate ever say something that helped you stay strong when times got tough? Maybe a mentor of yours has a key phrase that represents them. What could you remind yourself in order to “stay the course?”

Tomorrow will be my last word-y post on this site. After that, I will be posting a link to my new site. The new site will be a little bit different. It will still hold some of the same elements as “iAMincharge,” but with a little bit lighter, more informal tone, and plenty of pictures! Get excited!



Shopping is my middle name. I can hardly walk into Target without finding something great that wasn’t on my list. So, I love today’s task. “Successorize!” Chalene lists her top tools for weight loss success. I actually have most of these things like fitness DVD’s and a calorie counting app. Since I am a bit of a gadget gal and a shopoholic, I will use this opportunity to list my top 5 favorite fit “successories.”

1. High-intensity workout DVD program (Insanity, TurboFire, P90x, etc.) Programs like these often include a workout schedule, nutrition guide, and motivational tools so the guess work is finished and all you have to do is sweat! Check them out here.

2. Nogii bars and Shakeology are my favorite “emergency foods.” I can pack them for a trip and they taste like dessert!

3. Spotify. Seriously subscribe; you have access to a seemingly endless amount of songs that you can take anywhere via a smartphone. Create running playlists, biking playlists, playlists to motivate you, or playlists to calm you down after an ultra-energizing workout!

4. Myfitnesspal is a fitness tracking website/app with the simplest interface and most broad food/exercise database I’ve seen. Search the site on my blog search to hear more about it.

5. Nike running shoes and cross trainers! Adversity can hide around every corner when you work out at a decent intensity 5+ days a week : schedule conflicts, boredom, injury. While new shoes won’t free up your schedule; and unless they are a combination of ridiculously amazing colors, they probably won’t keep you from getting bored with the same 30 minute elliptical routine everyday, but they can protect your whole lower body from injury. Feeling great while working out starts with your feet; some of my personal favorites are Nike, choose your brand but make sure that you use running shoes for running and cross trainers for workouts with lateral (side to side) movement.

Today I got into the nitty-gritty details of to-do list creation. There are now 3 lists on my phone in Awesomenote: I WILL do today, to-do this week, and yearly goals. Chalene recommends a monthy to-do list as well but I feel like it creates a blurred line between long and short-term goals that I don’t care to mess with.

Everything I need to remember and accomplish THAT DAY goes on my I WILL do today list. Some things on my list for today include studying two chapters from my ACE textbook (my certification test is Tuesday!), Insanity workout, practice Turbo choreography for Monday’s class, and research some popular blogs on Technorati. I include tasks pertaining to both my PUSH and H&F goals. My list is usually a little shorter on weekend days, but still never totally blank.

Enjoy your Saturday! I shall return tomorrow.

Yesterday, I was Miss Productivity! I ran (quickly, for once), did Insanity, stopped eating before 8, limited snacking, and researched my PUSH goal! I love those days when you feel like you really accomplished something. As far as progress on my PUSH goal, I will be checking off one of my mini tasks today as I head to the church-quiet Dunlap library to check out some blogging books. That is, if their seemingly ancient shelves have anything beyond “Gameboy Color for Dummies.”

So today, I did further reverse engineering…on my H&F goal.

Here is my list:

  • calculate BMR (already kind of did this, more tomorrow or later today)
  • pinpoint necessary calorie count for 1000 cal deficit per day
  • make list of go-to foods
  • make list of go-to distractions (for times of craving)
  • set 4 days per week for morning workouts
  • begin weight/measurement log
  • start “healthy tip” book
  • schedule weekly workouts
  • track food in My Fitness Pal
  • stop eating 3 hours before bed
  • completely eliminate gluten (I’m intolerant)
  • 0-1 servings of dairy daily (on a mission to completely eliminate for ethical/health reasons)
  • Read Wheat Belly
  • Read Skinny Bitch
  • Read Veganism
  • Read Vegan for Dummies
  • Read Nutrition for Dummies

Anyone have any other suggestions??

Road Trip! For every 100 times a caravan to a desirable destination is proposed among college students, one actually happens. The reality is that at 18-22 years old, most peoples’ car-packing, money-budgeting, and direction-giving skills are far from their peak, making many trips more hassle than their worth. So whats a ‘kid’ to do? Pick one or two journeys worth embarking upon and leave the rest of your travel time up to your parents (family vacays can be seriously enjoyable and also free for you).

If your summer involves some type of travel be it with your parents, college friends, or buddies from home, it is always a good idea to stay active even if there wasn’t enough room in your duffel for two 10-lb dumbbells or a yoga mat. I have options on options for destination workouts!

  • Scenic run: running is popular for a reason…it’s simple, free, and can be done anywhere. Lace up your shoes and check out your  surroundings. Make sure you have a GPS or are super-sure of where you’re headed.
  • DVD’s: by now you all know I am a DVD junkie. There is something really satisfying about knowing you squeezed in a workout in your hotel room before a day of activities…literally squeezed it in…between the two full-sized beds, strewn clothing, open suitcases, and people trying to get ready.
  • A whole new workout! If lucky you are headed to a resort or exciting town, check out local (or free at a resort) workout classes and expand your fitness horizons.
  • Hotel gym: fitness rooms are under-rated. Many have an elliptical, so you can take a break from reading Cosmo by the pool and read it and burn off last nights dessert as well. Treadmills are also more versicles than people give them credit for; try side shuffling to work the hips or backwards running for the hamstrings.
  • Old fashioned circuit training: my least favorite form of working out is still a very handy go-to. Do 15-20 minutes of jumping jacks, high knees, sit ups, etc. Stretch at the end. Check out fitness magazines for other handy circuit training options.

Stay active, have fun, travel safely.

Two or three months ago I developed something that I self-diagnosed as eczema on my chin, neck and chest: bumps, dry skin, itchiness, irritation–the whole deal. I tried a few cortisone creams and exfoliates daily, to no avail. It wasn’t until I did the Clean program (see previous posts) and removed gluten from my diet, that it disappeared.
I found this very interesting and decided to research symptoms of gluten intolerance; sure enough, eczema was a common symptom along with lack of energy, mental fog, achy joints, digestive discomfort, etc. So, I cut all wheat products out for 5 days (as I was back on a normal diet after the Clean program). My neck is completely clear! I decided to test it out last night and eat some cake at a graduation party to see if it would affect me and I woke up with an itching neck! Crazy!
Obviously, I have not been allergy tested and have not been seen by a doctor on this topic, but through listening to my own body and doing a bit of research I discovered a root to my own health issue. This saved me probably years of trying different skin creams, hundreds of dollars in co-pay fees for doctor visits and lots of discomfort. Sure, it stinks that I need to avoid wheat products to feel my best, but there are tons of healthy, tasty, gluten-free options for almost everything out there.
The point of this post is not to commend myself for my ability to conduct an affective google-search, but rather, to encourage you to listen to your body. Listen carefully. Is it telling you something? If that something is positive, it is worth listening. If that something is negative, it is worth listening. Seek out answers for negativity in your body–a bit of detective work can totally change your health!

Guilt: it looms over us whenever a regrettable decision is made, it reminds us that our conscious is in workable condition, it drives us crazy. It drives me crazy. Guilt is what drove me to decide that 1 week on the Clean program, this round, was long enough. I was getting to the point where I was sticking it out simply to blog about it and to avoid guilt, while at the same time feeling guilty for my every longing for coffee (the largest source of antioxidants in the American diet, by the way). Soooo not worth it.

After doing the program once through last year and to a t, at that, I paid careful attention to the Clean Maintenance program where it advises anyone who has done the program for the full 21 days at least once to consider doing the full cleanse each year either all at once or broken up throughout the year. There are many ways to cleanse healthfully depending on one’s health and fitness goals. It just so happened that my feelings of deprivation were much more prevalent this time around and were leading me to a mindset that was unaligned with my personal health and fitness goals.

Guilt does little more than remind us that there is something to be learned from the situation for which we feel guilty. So instead of berating myself for cutting my cleanse short I will take away the appreciation of healthy food that I gained back, the lack of an incessant need to snack, and the drive to be my healthiest self that has been re-instilled within me. Do I encourage giving a cleanse a spin? Sincerely. I believe that taking even a day to focus on a healthier mindset about food, fitness, and life can be nothing but beneficial. Will I ever attempt the full 21-day Clean program again? Absolutely. It offers amazing health benefits that are key to living a fulfilling life.

Next post: new fitness buddy!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions about cleansing, feeling guilty, great restaurants, life, etc. please leave them below. I love to chat.

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