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Back in highschool, I did what I wanted; I didn’t pay much regard to the wants or needs of others. And then I went to college and realized how easy I had it back at home. My mom did the dishes, my dad mowed the lawn, my teachers gave me step-by-step plans for success, and my friends usually said yes to everything. High school is a far cry from the real world. In the real world of college I had to wash my own dishes (in an often puke-scented mop closet); I maintained my own space (I know maintaining an 11ftx8ft dorm doesn’t seem like much, but with two long-haired clutzes living in that space it got pretty messy); I kept a planner and sought  resources for academic help that were never mentioned by professors in lecture; I made friends who were busy and learned to prioritize. Last year, I began to really appreciate the occasions when someone said “yes” to helping me out and began to pay it forward. I was definitely a “no man” for the first 18 years of my life and am now more selfless.

Selflessness is an admirable trait right? Right…ish. It can be what allows you to make the days of others or ruin your own day, day after day. I want to use my best friend Elyse as an example of someone who could back off the yesses on occasion and probably gain some peace of mind from doing so (btw Elyse is one of the few specific examples I will ever give in my blog because she totally takes my self-improvement talk like a champ). I have witnessed this girl give the shirt off her back to someone, volunteer for hours on end when she could have been working for money, and leave almost every social event to shuttle her siblings around. She is a classic “yes man” and gets great reward out of helping others. On the other hand though, Elyse gets little recognition from many of the people she helps out, little time to spend with friends, and little time to herself. Because I care about her success and her happiness, I notice that sometimes people take advantage of her giving nature. I think if she would balance her yesses with nos, she would benefit academically, physically, and emotionally from taking some time for herself. If you are a “yes man” you probably could to.

We all know I am big on balance: balancing workouts, eating, and life. Surprise, surprise, balance is the bottom line of today’s post. Try responding to requests/invites with your schedule and overall happiness in mind. Will saying no to helping with a neighbor’s garage sale in favor of a beach day with family end in major negative consequences? Probably not. Will saying yes to a professor who would like you to come in for extra work on a paper instead of going to party with friends change something in your life for the better? Potentially.

On another note: I am officially starting my own challenges (both challenge 1 and challenge 2) today. I ran 7 miles this morning and have been tracking like a good girl. It’s definitely not too late to start. If you follow the instructions provided at either link any time this week, you are eligible to win a Starbucks gift card. Let’s end summer in the fittest way possible!


I always forget to write my yearly goals on Friday! So here they are a few days late:

  1. Weigh in 130lb range
  2. Get 500 subscribers to blog
  3. Earn money with blog
  4. Become Beachbody coach
  5. 3.5 GPA
  6. Write for IDS
  7. $3000 in savings, $3000 in checking
  8. Take social spring break
  9. Hold house position
  10. Have something published

So there’s that, and here’s this…a cool tid bit from one of my fave health newsletters:

Natural Ways to Curb Appetite.

Have a fabulous evening!

One week ago I posted my first set of 10 goals for this year, a set that I am supposed to update on a weekly basis without looking back at the previous week. This is to ensure all thoughts are raw, unrefined, and in the moment.

1. Weigh in the 130 lb range

2. Have 500 subscribers to my blog

3. Have $3000 dollars in savings and $3000 in checking

4. Establish personal relationship with 5 successful professional contacts

5. Put in 2 hrs a week with a nonprofit

6. Hold leadership role in my sorority

7. Have 50+ in one of my fitness classes

8. Go on social spring break

9. Get something published

10. Have a 3.5 cum GPA


In addition to my updated list, I would like to provide you all with a hassle-free way to subscribe to my blog. Look at the right hand corner at the top of the page and pretty please click subscribe. Should you choose to follow my instructions (do it, do it, do it) you will begin receiving emails whenever I post, awesome right?


Day 5 requires a bit of predicting, anticipating, and deciding. Today I reverse engineered my PUSH goal of attaining 500 subscribers to my blog. The art of reverse engineering is this: think of all the “mini to-dos” that your goal will require, and make a list of them. Whether it is purchasing equipment, opening a new bank account, or doing some research–if it pertains to your PUSH goal and can be accomplished in a day, it goes on the list.

Here is my task list thus far:

  • research common goals for bloggers and add to list
  • research wordpress apps
  • add apps to blog
  • read popular “fit” blogs
  • take notes on writing and layout of popular “fit” blogs
  • research best blogging site
  • research getting own domain name
  • research money-making strategies of bloggers
  • research ads on blogs
  • find out how to advertise blog on sites
  • nail down direction in which I want to take my blog
  • subscribe to other blogs
  • comment on other posts
  • research graphics in relation to blogging
  • look at library for books on blogging

Obviously, most of my tasks right now include research. Once I do the initial research on successful blogging, I will be able to add to my list of tasks (and will post an updated list along with my progress in checking off tasks).

Remember, this method of goal setting execution can be applied to almost any life goal. So set yours and join me on this journey!

Feel free to post suggestions that you believe would make my blog more inviting!

All I had to do today was pick a goal from my list to be my Health and Fitness goal.

This goal can be achieved in a resonable amount of time and can be measured easily.

My health and fitness goal is to weigh in the 130 lb range by the end of October 2012. This means I want to weigh anywhere under 140 lbs.

More tomorrow!

Update on progress thus far:

Let me just preface this by saying I am a healthy eater—Monday-Thursday. Typically, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, all bets are off. On weekend evenings you can find me with my hand in the trail mix container preparing myself for the regret I will feel the next morning. No way to spend 3/7ths of my week, right? Right. So last night I didn’t exactly adhere to my “no eating after 8pm” rule (and was rightfully called out by my boyfriend who knows my eating habits and goals for my eating habits like the back of his hand); however, my after-8 snackies of choice included a bowl of fresh berries and two gluten-free graham crackers. I woke up happy with my progress as the difference between what I consumed last night and what I consumed last Friday night was probably about 1500 calories. After my small win last night, I am ready adhere to my rule tonight.

On to day 3: choosing my PUSH goal. This is the single goal from my list of 10 crazy cool accomplishments I would like to check of in the next year that will lead me to checking off others on the list.

My Push goal (In 1st person as if I already achieved it): I have 500 subscribers to my blog.

By gaining followers I will:

  • earn money
  • establish professional relationships
  • gain credibility

More tomorrow!


Day 2 of PUSH, Chalene instructs readers (do-ers) to compile a list of 10 awesome, “crazy cool” goals they would like to achieve in the next year if all cards are stacked in their favor. The requirements for the list? It is to be rewritten on a weekly basis; it is to include one health goal and one financial goal; it is to be challenging; it is to be specific. 

Here is my goal list for the week:

  • Weigh under 140lbs (something I have not done in 3 years)
  • Have $3000 dollars in savings and $3000 dollars in checking
  • Establish personal relationship with at least one professor
  • earn a 3.5 cumulative GPA
  • reach 500 subscribers on blog
  • play an active role in my sorority (hold house position)
  • take a spring break
  • actively support charitable cause
  • work for IDS (IU student newspaper)
  • get something published in a magazine
  • get ACE certified (American Council on Exercise)

I will rewrite this list each week…maybe my goals will change, who knows?

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