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We all know those running fanatics who claim that pounding the pavement is the only way to get in great shape and the ONLY exercise they enjoy doing, or the pilates princesses that turn their nose up to any workout that takes place off of their beloved mat. Not to minimize the positive effects and importance of engaging in any type of exercise even if it is just one format, but the reality remains that repeating the same workout day after day can lead to plateauing results–not to mention unbalanced muscle groups that can screechingly halt your routine with an injury. To get the best results from your workout, pair a couple of formats that compliment each other; here are some suggestions for pairs:

1. Running and pilates: Running is extremely affective for fat burning, endurance building, and mind clearing –add in some stretching and strengthening Pilates to help you utilize powerful core muscles as you run and prevent stiffness in the quads, hip flexors and hamstrings. Pilates can be done anywhere, just as running can so look up various moves on the internet and write yourself a short routine.

-Or use these moves to get you started

2. Zumba and weight training: The popular cardio/dance workout, Zumba, is offered in nearly every city in America and is a fantastic way to sweat out your stresses without realizing that you’re working out; start strength training 3 times weekly and see even more muscle definition, greater calorie burn, and overall faster results.

-some stregth training options for you

3. Cardio Fusion and Piyo: Well what a fantastic fitness buddies we have here! You caught me, plug for my own classes. But, hey, I teach these two formats because I truly believe that they are fun, affective workouts that are great not only alone, but are perfect when done back to back or both in the same week. Cardio Fusion is an hour of cardio and strength intervals set to awesome music. Interval training is how athletes get better, faster, and stronger and I strive to help my participants think of themselves as athletes, no matter what their current fitness level. PiYo is a totally innovative workout that combines the gentle toning of Pilates with the flexibility training of yoga. Put both of these formats together and you have a totally wholesome fitness regimen. If you’re in the Elkhart area check out one or both of my classes at The Music and Dance Academy in Elkhart next to Flavor Freeze. Class times are Tues/Thurs 5-6pm Cardio Fusion and 6-7pm PiYo. $5 drop-in rate or $40 for a 10-class pass.

-Check out this video of PiYo if you want to know more about it

It’s been a while since I’ve done a product review so here is one of my favorites:


Almost 7 years ago when I first started working out, I began with TurboFire’s precedant, TurboJam. I quickly became addicted to this fusion of kickboxing and dance set to hot music and sound effects; not to mention, it was an insane catalyst in my 30 pound weight loss and overall lifestyle transformation. So, needless to say when TurboFire,  the ramped up version of my soul mate work out was released two years ago, I had to have it.

Better music, better moves, better results all categorize complete workout system. It comes with 10 DVD”s including cardio endurance workouts, strenth, yoga, and HIIT workouts. TurboFire is one of the first at home fitness programs to employ the principles of HIIT training. This revolutionary training meathod combines short (1-3) minute intervals of high intensity movements with shorter (30 seconds to 1 minute) periods of rest for maximum calorie burn and fitness advancement. I love it because it allows you to torch a large amount of calories in a short period of time. Another amazing aspect of the DVDs is that they are all instructed by the fabulous Chalene Johnson, fitness phenom and a motivational inspiration to me. Just watch her do her thing for 5 minutes and you will be twisting, rowing, and uppercutting your way to happiness in no time.

The program comes with a plan that you can choose to follow and I followed the given plan two times through and had great results. I now whip out the workouts whenever I am looking to supplement my usual running routine. The Stretch 40 DVD will forever be a favorite of mine. If you haven’t dabbled in home fitness systems yet, I encourage you to free yourself from the gym or pavement and experience the joy of sweating with or without others, in your kitchen, garage, living room, or backyard while embodying grunge at its finest.

Visit the link below and ignite your fire:


(Disclaimer) The fact that I attempted to post this entry last night and was unsuccessful perfectly illustrates the message I intend to convey with the following:

“Hillsonhillsonhills”–my tweet from a few days ago referring to the extremely varied altitudes during one of my runs seemed to be perfectly applicable to varying ease of sticking to a health and fitness regimen. Speak English AnnMarie.

There are uphill climbs and downhill slides (and flatlines) to so many aspects of life and it is the force and positivity with which you attack the climbs that determine the success and positivity of the remaining portion.

As I jogged through the acres (a hilly area on Purdue’s campus where many Fraternities and Sororities are located) two days ago, this idea hit me: The uphills are tough, almost like a road trip when you have an important training run, or a roommate who brings delicious leftover sweets home from a Valentine’s date, or a packed schedule in which you’re almost sure a sweat session will not fit, or even a group of friends crowded around a table offering you cheesy bread and milk shakes. Remaining positive and forceful is deciding to stick to a marathon plan during a weekend out of town; it is making the conscious decision to late-night the gym to burn the calories you consumed in a impulsive brownie; it is squeezing in a solid workout on a day ridden with classes and exams and meetings; it’s even (like the toughest, steepest, nastiest hills for me, and a major win when I conquer them) realizing you’re not hungry and politely declining when your friends offer you an in on their junk food frenzy. These small wins make the downhill slides more enjoyable.

I descended a hill, my form relaxed and light, my feet moving much more quickly and steadily. I powered forward toward Ross-Ade stadium where the Boilermaker football team plays; I powered forward with the same vigor that one might approach new year’s resolutions, vacation body goals, or a summertime fitness regimen. The stakes are high, if you break form (diet, exercise schedule) you’re  you risk injury (being another statistic as far as throwing in the towel on your resolution come February, having your less-than-chiseled physique littered all over Facebook in beach pics, or getting insanely bored and sloth-like). It is easier to maintain momentum on the downhill slide because the challenges of tempting food, easy excuses, and busy schedules are left on the hill behind you; you just conquered them, you feel strong.

Flat road finally; I turned the corner and spotted Stadium Ave. bustling with students. The flats of a run are the norm, ridden with minor obstacles, traffic lights, crazy bikers (sorry, I’m one of them sometimes), hoards of people at bus stops, but nonetheless, a rather simple jogging plane. Day-to-day life is filled with minor obstacles for your health and fitness: no open cardio machines at the gym, your favorite dessert at the dining hall, a night out with friends the induces sleeping through your workout, illness, etc. Sometimes you avoid these obstacles, sometimes they get in the way. Sometimes those little obstacles offer an unexpected joy. No matter what, you’re probably going to continue running at a fairly steady pace once you pass up whatever’s in your path.

Health is a journey, it’s a run. If you’re on that journey remember to maintain force and form and allow yourself to enjoy some obstacles. If you haven’t started your run, lace up your shoes and get ready for the hillsonhillsonhills.

Tomorrow: a less metaphoric guide to college snacking! Get ready for the weekend!

Congrats to all of you college students who made the conscious decision NOT to loft your bed; this single choice made it approximately 200% easier for you to talk yourself out of bed each morning. Because I demanded sufficient space in my dorm for punching, kicking, and chaturanga-ing, I am stuck with a mental war in my mind each morning over whether or not to trek down side of the mountain that is my bed. My fairly driven warrior side has never lost the battle and I always end up repelling down the rungs of my loft and taking on the day with a vengeance.

I find that it is just a bit easier to get a move-on when I have something enjoyable and active to attend first thing in the morning (i.e. not a lecture). Typically I wake up in enough time to do something that gets my blood pumping before class. Monday is bootcamp class, Tuesday is tabata or Piyo, Wednesday I have a 7:30 lab so forget about it, Thursday is typically yoga in the rec room of my residence hall; however, I knew today was bound to be a crazy one and the likelihood of me getting a good sweat sesh in this afternoon was slim to none.

So, I herded together all of my strongest will power and braved the cold to Piyo class this morning for a solid stretch and stregthening session (by the way I LOVE this class and will be getting certified in less than a month! Here is the link if you are interested in Piyo or Turbo Kick certification: http://www.turbokick.com/.) before my 6-mile tempo run. I did my run at the TREC (our temporary Rec Center at Purdue while the new Rec Center is being built) at a less than pleasing pace. A week ago today I was on the phone crying to my mom about how horrible I was feeling and begging her to come get me (white kid problems) and nurse me back to health as I had just been given a prescription for bronchitis. She told me to take my prescription and see how I felt after 2 doses. I’m so glad she didn’t come remove me from this 18-22 year old haven of West Lafayette because she was right, by last Friday evening I felt much better. Nonetheless, I didn’t run at all last week and have since only done two very short runs, so this morning as I ventured beyond 5 miles for the first time in almost two weeks, my body responded unwillingly.

Regardless, I am proud of myself for completing a 2 hour workout before most of campus was ready to face the challenge of grounding themselves from their lofted beds. I will leave with these few facts(as proven by me, a very reliable source :/)about morning workouts:

1. Working out in the morning will ramp your metabolism for the day, providing you with more energy and fewer cravings (I stayed awake during Chemistry and never got the urge to snack around 3 as I usually do).

2. If you go to bed earlier, that alarm won’t sound so “alarming” (I went to bed at midnight and got a solid 7 hours, and did so by planning my day and utilizing spare moments to complete necessary tasks like studying, cleaning and emailing).

3. You never regret working out, but may regret skipping a workout.

Tomorrow: Planning for success. (Workout planning, meal planning, etc.)

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