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Is it wrong that I am kind of sad that it is day 25 already? I don’t want it to be over! I could just be emotional because my music didn’t work in class this morning and I came home to a dog freaking out because of the much-needed thunderstorm. Why can’t thunderstorms relax small white dogs like they do the majority of humans?

My post today will reflect a different interpretation of day 25 than Chalene intended, as it is mostly about having your spouse on your side through goal setting and life changes. Since I have no spouse, I obviously won’t be telling you my opinion on how to deal with them (not to mention that most 19 year olds don’t really have an opinion on how to deal with spouses, regardless). I will rather, cover appreciating yourself and others on a daily basis.

I just talked about keeping fit friends; so if you have them, appreciate them. As you make healthy lifestyle changes you are displaying appreciation for your body and life. The people who support those changes should also be appreciated. Make “friend dates;” call them just to say “hey;” connect with good people you may not have talked to in a while. For those people you see almost daily, surprise them with tangible expressions of gratitude on occasion. Leave notes; show up to meet them with coffee help them out without being asked. They will notice and you will feel amazing for making their day. When it comes to family and partners or people you live with, it often helps with reaching goals if you’re on the same page. A common life priority list is ideal. Take time to discuss your priorities with those you live with to avoid conflict and gain support.

Luckily, I keep basically nothing to myself so those close to me are clearly aware of my priorities. That makes it so much easier to remain true to myself. Stay honest with others; stay honest with yourself.

If you haven’t seen my posts from the past couple of days, check em’ out. We’re talking fit bods and prizes here, people.


Today was a slightly more lengthy task day but a beneficial one, nonetheless. I divvied up my task brainstorm lists from both my PUSH and H&F goals into categories including “research,” “first,” “during,” and “after.” Said categories help to determine when each task should be checked off in the goal-accomplishment process. This prevents waffling around as you progress through.



  • goals for bloggers
  • wordpress apps
  • how to get a domain
  • money-making strategies
  • ad agencies


  • read popular fit blogs
  • note take on blogs
  • find ‘niche’
  • get domain
  • read well-written magazine article to emulate
  • comment on and subscribe to other blogs


  • get my own server
  • contact ad agency
  • perfect photos
  • proofread
  • advertise


  • Invest
  • try to get published



  • BMR
  • # of calories needed
  • tips in magazines


  • weight/measurement log
  • list of go-to distractions
  • list of go-to snacks
  • tip book
  • weekly workout schedule
  • track food on MFP


  • use lists
  • use weekly schedule
  • weigh in daily
  • measurements weekly
  • stop eating 3 hrs before bed
  • no gluten
  • 4x a week morning workouts

After :

  • continue healthy habits
  • blog it

Day 5 requires a bit of predicting, anticipating, and deciding. Today I reverse engineered my PUSH goal of attaining 500 subscribers to my blog. The art of reverse engineering is this: think of all the “mini to-dos” that your goal will require, and make a list of them. Whether it is purchasing equipment, opening a new bank account, or doing some research–if it pertains to your PUSH goal and can be accomplished in a day, it goes on the list.

Here is my task list thus far:

  • research common goals for bloggers and add to list
  • research wordpress apps
  • add apps to blog
  • read popular “fit” blogs
  • take notes on writing and layout of popular “fit” blogs
  • research best blogging site
  • research getting own domain name
  • research money-making strategies of bloggers
  • research ads on blogs
  • find out how to advertise blog on sites
  • nail down direction in which I want to take my blog
  • subscribe to other blogs
  • comment on other posts
  • research graphics in relation to blogging
  • look at library for books on blogging

Obviously, most of my tasks right now include research. Once I do the initial research on successful blogging, I will be able to add to my list of tasks (and will post an updated list along with my progress in checking off tasks).

Remember, this method of goal setting execution can be applied to almost any life goal. So set yours and join me on this journey!

Feel free to post suggestions that you believe would make my blog more inviting!

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