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First, I want to invite you to join one of my 3-week challenges that were presented on 7/22 &7/23. Comment on one or both of those posts for a chance to win a Starbucks card. Sign up at any point this week.

Secondly, it’s day 27 and I am gaining confidence by the day. Today is all about gaining even MORE confidence. I am the first to admit that my confidence level has gone down a bit as I have gotten older; this may be because the more life I live, the more talented, amazing people I meet and therefore, feel lesser in comparison to them, or perhaps I have made more mistakes and am afraid of making them again. Whatever  the cause of my drooping confidence is, it is no excuse for allowing myself to feel inferior. Here are the 5 steps to improving confidence that Chalene presented today :

  1. Do something scary. I have done several scary things since starting PUSH; I emailed strangers for tips on blogging (I obviously didn’t reveal personal info, it was just the idea of engaging in discourse with someone I knew nothing about that was slightly daunting); I purchased my own website; I disclosed my weight loss goals to the internet community. I had never done, or even thought of doing any of these things prior to the start of these 30 days. What fear is holding you back? Take measures to conquer it.
  2. Seek knowledge. This is something that is in my blood. At 8-years-old, I was reading about presidents, the solar system, and anything that sparked my interest. Today, I read books, newsletters, blogs, and magazines about topics that I want to know more about. Right now some topics of choice are obviously blogging and weight-related health. We are never done learning.
  3. Live with authenticity. Honesty is the foundation on which I build my values, priorities, and goals. I can’t lie about or fake much of anything. So, when I do something, love someone, learn something it is with 100% of my being. 50%-ing life is hardly living.
  4. Run with stallions. A few days ago I talked about surrounding yourself with people who strive to succeed and support your achievements. Hold your inner circle to a golden standard. Befriend someone you can learn something from, encourage your current pals to hop on the success-wagon with you.
  5. Talk it out. I rarely shut up and it sometimes gets me in trouble; but more often than not, it allows people to understand my point of view, it allows me to take a load off; it allows my thoughts to be heard. Don’t keep to yourself, the world wants to hear your opinions and ideas!

Take one of these 5 steps today and start shining!


Back in highschool, I did what I wanted; I didn’t pay much regard to the wants or needs of others. And then I went to college and realized how easy I had it back at home. My mom did the dishes, my dad mowed the lawn, my teachers gave me step-by-step plans for success, and my friends usually said yes to everything. High school is a far cry from the real world. In the real world of college I had to wash my own dishes (in an often puke-scented mop closet); I maintained my own space (I know maintaining an 11ftx8ft dorm doesn’t seem like much, but with two long-haired clutzes living in that space it got pretty messy); I kept a planner and sought  resources for academic help that were never mentioned by professors in lecture; I made friends who were busy and learned to prioritize. Last year, I began to really appreciate the occasions when someone said “yes” to helping me out and began to pay it forward. I was definitely a “no man” for the first 18 years of my life and am now more selfless.

Selflessness is an admirable trait right? Right…ish. It can be what allows you to make the days of others or ruin your own day, day after day. I want to use my best friend Elyse as an example of someone who could back off the yesses on occasion and probably gain some peace of mind from doing so (btw Elyse is one of the few specific examples I will ever give in my blog because she totally takes my self-improvement talk like a champ). I have witnessed this girl give the shirt off her back to someone, volunteer for hours on end when she could have been working for money, and leave almost every social event to shuttle her siblings around. She is a classic “yes man” and gets great reward out of helping others. On the other hand though, Elyse gets little recognition from many of the people she helps out, little time to spend with friends, and little time to herself. Because I care about her success and her happiness, I notice that sometimes people take advantage of her giving nature. I think if she would balance her yesses with nos, she would benefit academically, physically, and emotionally from taking some time for herself. If you are a “yes man” you probably could to.

We all know I am big on balance: balancing workouts, eating, and life. Surprise, surprise, balance is the bottom line of today’s post. Try responding to requests/invites with your schedule and overall happiness in mind. Will saying no to helping with a neighbor’s garage sale in favor of a beach day with family end in major negative consequences? Probably not. Will saying yes to a professor who would like you to come in for extra work on a paper instead of going to party with friends change something in your life for the better? Potentially.

On another note: I am officially starting my own challenges (both challenge 1 and challenge 2) today. I ran 7 miles this morning and have been tracking like a good girl. It’s definitely not too late to start. If you follow the instructions provided at either link any time this week, you are eligible to win a Starbucks gift card. Let’s end summer in the fittest way possible!

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