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We all know those running fanatics who claim that pounding the pavement is the only way to get in great shape and the ONLY exercise they enjoy doing, or the pilates princesses that turn their nose up to any workout that takes place off of their beloved mat. Not to minimize the positive effects and importance of engaging in any type of exercise even if it is just one format, but the reality remains that repeating the same workout day after day can lead to plateauing results–not to mention unbalanced muscle groups that can screechingly halt your routine with an injury. To get the best results from your workout, pair a couple of formats that compliment each other; here are some suggestions for pairs:

1. Running and pilates: Running is extremely affective for fat burning, endurance building, and mind clearing –add in some stretching and strengthening Pilates to help you utilize powerful core muscles as you run and prevent stiffness in the quads, hip flexors and hamstrings. Pilates can be done anywhere, just as running can so look up various moves on the internet and write yourself a short routine.

-Or use these moves to get you started

2. Zumba and weight training: The popular cardio/dance workout, Zumba, is offered in nearly every city in America and is a fantastic way to sweat out your stresses without realizing that you’re working out; start strength training 3 times weekly and see even more muscle definition, greater calorie burn, and overall faster results.

-some stregth training options for you

3. Cardio Fusion and Piyo: Well what a fantastic fitness buddies we have here! You caught me, plug for my own classes. But, hey, I teach these two formats because I truly believe that they are fun, affective workouts that are great not only alone, but are perfect when done back to back or both in the same week. Cardio Fusion is an hour of cardio and strength intervals set to awesome music. Interval training is how athletes get better, faster, and stronger and I strive to help my participants think of themselves as athletes, no matter what their current fitness level. PiYo is a totally innovative workout that combines the gentle toning of Pilates with the flexibility training of yoga. Put both of these formats together and you have a totally wholesome fitness regimen. If you’re in the Elkhart area check out one or both of my classes at The Music and Dance Academy in Elkhart next to Flavor Freeze. Class times are Tues/Thurs 5-6pm Cardio Fusion and 6-7pm PiYo. $5 drop-in rate or $40 for a 10-class pass.

-Check out this video of PiYo if you want to know more about it

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