I remember the day I started on my journey to becoming the fitness freak I am today: The sun beating down on my tankini-clad 13 year old self, sprawled out on a lawn chair in my backyard. Yes, sprawled. 176 pound, size 15- 13 year olds don’t lay, they sprawl. I had proclaimed to my mom a few hours prior that I wanted to lose weight. My motivation? Boys. The squirrely 100 pounders were raking in the guys with their Abercrombie Kids jeans sagging off their adolescent badonks and my rolls were padding me in the friend zone.

That afternoon I read two health magazines, and took a bike ride. The next day, I nixed pop from my diet. The day after, I pushed my plate away when I felt satiated. I kept making small changes and found myself 8 pounds lighter in a just a few weeks. The feeling of strength and beauty grew each time I put on clothes that felt just a bit more loose than the previous time I put them on. During the course of my 8th grade year I would become a true believer in the concept of soul-mate workout through the program Turbo Jam by Chalene Johnson; My eating habits would take a 180; I would join the swim team; I would win “Most Improved” at my dance studio; I would make a best friend–my current boyfriend who I started dating a few months into my freshman year of high school; I would become a size 6; I lost 35 pounds.

It has been almost 6 years since that day where I educated myself on the lawn chair. I consider myself to be worlds more educated on the topic of health and fitness than I was that day. My bookshelf is ridden with titles like The 4-Hour BodyLiving VeganSlim, Calm, Sexy Yoga,and Skinny Bitch. My inbox fills up at about 11:00 am everyday with e-newsletters from Vital Juice, FabFitFun, and other health related-senders. When I’m not studying to earn a Journalism degree from Indiana University,  I tend to fill my days with anything involving sweat: running, biking, swimming, teaching group fitness classes, or popping in a DVD like Insanity or Turbo Fire. It is more of a challenge for me NOT to exercise than it is for me to wake up at 6:45 am to take a bootcamp class.

I am in a much healthier place than I was in the 7th grade; however, I am a glutton for self-improvement. I love to talk about it, act as an example, and inspire others to consider it. That said, I started this blog as a place for time-crunched and stressed out college students to turn when they feel the only person to whom they can turn is the pizza delivery man, as a place where my peers can relate to someone who has struggled and still struggles to balance fitness, diet, and fun, and as a place for me to outlet my emotions on a topic that guided the entirety of my teenage years.


Any thoughts?

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