Positive people and Positive changes: Challenge 2!

Posted on: July 23, 2012

Day 24 asked me to examine the people closest in my life and their effect on me. Today, was slightly difficult because I am at home and my friend group will change in 3 weeks when I go to IU. For that reason, I dog-eared the page as a reminder to revisit it later. A couple of key points that I want to highlight are:

  • Surround yourself with people who encourage, support, and celebrate your successes
  • Positive people attract positive people
  • Positive people achieve positive things

Allow me to clarify a few things from the bulletpoints: 1) Spend the majority of your time with people who want great things both for themselves and you; limit time spent with people who make the same mistakes repeatedly, can’t seem to get motivated, or minimize/inhibit your success. 2) There is nothing I enjoy more than holding a conversation about excitement for a particular topic. I just like getting excited about things; whether it’s heading back to school, a new fitness routine, or lima beans…if someone is talking excitedly about it to me, I can’t help but catch the fever. On the other hand, I know plenty of people who really don’t have anything nice to say about too many things. You probably know someone like this: it doesn’t matter what you say you like, do, or want, they oppose the idea and often with uneducated opposition. Look at things with a positive eye, require the people you keep closest to do the same, and you might find your vision in life getting a bit sharper. 3) As your vision grows sharper, you are able to seize opportunities and effective accomplish things. A frequently made mistake in this point is thinking naive people achieve positive things. If we remain in the dark about challenging topics, we will never have the knowledge to push further and achieve more; that is, we never even know there is more to be done in our life. Dig deep and find your full potential, know that you can always go a step further in anything and then take the measures to do so.

And on to Challenge 2:

This is a 3- week endurance challenge for anyone looking to improve heart health, be able to exercise more effectively for longer periods of time and challenge their body. This can be done in conjunction with Challenge 1 from yesterday, or alone. Again, I am not a doctor or personal trainer, but rather, a fitness enthusiast looking to inspire others and gain some companions on my fitness journey. All you need to complete this challenge is a light set of dumbells (3-7lbs) and perhaps running shoes or whatever gear you need to complete your cardio of choice.

Step 1) Sign up and friend me on Myfitnesspal. You will be tracking your exercise on this simple site. (There is also a smartphone app for on-th-go tracking).

Step 2) Move your body 7 miles a day, 3 days per week. This can mean walking/running/swimming/elliptical-ing/etc. I would reccomend bumping it to 10 miles if you choose to bike. Here are a few options to track your distance:

  • drive off a path with your car before heading out
  • download a GPS smartphone app like Nike+(you don’t need a shoe chip and it works on a treadmill), Endomondo, WalkTracker, MapMyFitness, etc.
  • 1650 yds/1500m= 1mile of swimming
  • Walk/run/rollerblade/ride on a track 4 laps=1 mile

Step 3) Complete the following muscular endurance routine 2x per week (click links for examples and feel free to comment on this post with questions):

Modify anything that is painful. Make sure that your doctor believes you are healthy enough to complete this workout/program

Step 4) Log workouts on Myfitnesspal. The muscular strength routine can be logged as “strength training” for 23 minutes and “calisthenics” for 15 minutes

Step 5) Follow my blog by clicking “Follow” in the top right of this page. Don’t forget to friend me on MyFitnessPal, log workouts and comment “I DID IT!” on my post on August 16th for a chance to win a $10 Starbucks gift card. Two from the challenge will win!

Comment below if you’re in!



1 Response to "Positive people and Positive changes: Challenge 2!"

I am in!!! This sounds awesome!!

Any thoughts?

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