Day 22: distracted from life on the lake

Posted on: July 21, 2012

Day 22 will be pretty quick since I am currently enjoying carrots and hummus lakeside in downtown Chicago–distracted from life and couldn’t be happier.

A day away from everything is nice. Sometimes when you get too wrapped up in the ins and outs of productivity you become counter productive (cue the endless Dexter episodes and a pint of fro-yo. I often distract myself with food when I am overwhelmed.

Do you turn to food when you feel a certain way other than hungry? My “false hungries” are boredom, stress, and exhaustion. Today is all about random eating, what causes it, and how to prevent it.

First, ID your random eating triggers; mine are disclosed above. Then, figure out what feeling it is you desire in opposition to the one pushing you toward the Skittles and doughnuts (Jeremy, my boyfriend and first fitness buddy picked those “red zone” foods; I usually gravitate towards ice cream or anything dipped peanut butter). When I am bored I want to be busy; when I’m stressed I want to be a productive powerhouse; when I’m tired I want to feel energized. Finally, nail down a solution to ridding yourself of toxic feelings without turning to the pantry. Because, face it, few of us rummage through the produce door for yummies to quell our emotions.

Here’s a list of my personal solutions for:

Boredom- check off to-do list, get ahead on choreography for classes/schoolwork/etc., call a friend, go through old email newsletters

Stress: take a step back with a bit of outdoor activity, yoga, meditation, create a timeline to be as efficient as possible

Exhaustion: energizing yoga, low-cal coffee drink, rest

Come up with some of your own solutions and put an end to the false hungries. Please, please, please see me tomorrow, as I will posting a challenge that involves PRIZES!



Any thoughts?

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