Day 21: Just some rambling

Posted on: July 20, 2012

On the topic of having a diet yesterday, I wanted to share this because it is simple, true, and effective.

Hungry Girl – Friday Newsletter.

Day 21 of PUSH is one of my least favorite simply because it confuses me a little but I’ll give you the gist of it and then dish up my day for you.

Day 21: the 80/20 rule. If you have done any dabbling in diet books or articles, you have probably heard at one point or another the concept of eating healthfully 80% of the time and less than beautifully 20% of the time. Chalene goes beyond applying this idea to food intake by relating it to life in general. She explains that 80% of your efforts will yield 20% of your results. As I write this now, Day 21 is clearing up for me. The big breaks, the major strides, the life changing moments often come from a single string of events, not the web of effort you put into specific tasks. Take my blogging goal for example, right now I am clearly still in the research phase because as I spent hours yesterday trying to figure out the best way to purchase a domain and download software and basically do everything that involves self-hosting a blog. All of these little tasks that are taking up so much time are not going to get me 500 subscribers. My writing, the photos to come, the easy stuff will get me to that point. But we cannot neglect the seeminly less important 80% of work, as it is the foundation, just not the direct recipe, for 80% of our success.

Today I woke up ravenous! I taught three classes in three hours last night and followed them with only a smoothie since it was kind of late. When I woke up though, I had that, “my stomach is eating itself” feeling. I had planned to run to teach swim lessons this morning but after filled myself up with a 550 calorie fruit and rice cereal bowl, I knew the running was better left for the afternoon. Biking sounded more stomach-friendly, so biking it was. After teaching lessons and riding my bike 7 miles, I was ready for lunch at about 12:30. But I stared in the fridge for about 15 minutes and couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I munched on fresh cherries for a few minutes and finally decided on a veggie burger patty with fat free sharp cheddar cheese. I finished my lunch off with “ants on a log,” if you didn’t have this as a snack when you were little, I would say you’re not American but I am going to give you a chance to redeem yourself by trying it today.

The super-secret “ants on a log” recipe: celery, peanut butter (I used pb2), and raisins (I used a dried fruit/seed trail mix)–Spread the celery with PB and sprinkle with raisins. YUM!

It’s my last day of Max Recovery during my 60 day Insanity journey. When I finish that, I’ll take a 4-mile or so jog and enjoy the sunshine at the pool!

Happy Friday!


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