Time Flies! Day 18

Posted on: July 16, 2012

Sometimes, the a serious case of the Mondays are inevitable: the alarm blares, you swear you only laid down twenty minutes ago, the snooze becomes your best friend, then you’re playing catch-up while trying to stay awake for the remainder of the day. We’ve all been there. That is why I love today, Day 18, almost as dearly as I love yesterday and my “traffic light” food categories. Today is all about putting more hours in your day! I am no magician, and all though sometimes I swear Chalene is, the little common sense I have tells me she isn’t; but what she is and I am trying to become is a master of time management. That is, a master of our own day.

I know I have posted a few times on to-do lists and keeping a schedule, since I rely on organization of tasks and time to declutter my scatterbrain on a daily basis, but today we will go even deeper to really reap the benefits of time management. First, use time effectively. Time and energy are the most coveted commodities in the world: more time=more sleep=more energy. So, we know where we need to start. Are you a dilly-dally-er? Do you find yourself starting a million small tasks and never completing them? How about distracting yourself with unimportant work so you don’t have to face the big stuff? I’ve done it all and typically find that tacking the high hurdles early is rewarding, energizing, and motivating so I can push through the rest of my list. Next, give multitasking a spin. Often, menial tasks can be grouped together like making a phone call while cooking. Last year, I even took my text-book and notes to the gym and studied while on the elliptical. Hey I am a vegan/vegetarian but let’s kill two birds with one stone, here. Lastly, set a schedule and stick to it for a few days. Plan your day hour by hour, block by block. Start with a workout to get your blood pumping for the day and don’t forget to take chill time. To recap: ask yourself these questions throughout the day and feel like you have 27 hours instead of 24:

  • Am I using my time effectively?
  • Could I be doing something else, while I continue to do whatever I am doing now?
  • Am I sticking to my schedule?
  • Do I have an hour to relax at the end of each day?

Time flies everybody, make the most of it.

In addition, you have heard me rave about Shakeology for months now and I have been using the product fairly consistently for a year and a half, now; today I am starting the Shakeology cleanse for the first time! The program consists of 3 shakes per day made with water, ice, and an optional piece of fruit and a hearty salad of greens, 4oz lean protein (omnivores do chicken, fish or turkey while I am going with tempeh), 3 servings of veggies, and 2 tbsp of healthy dressing (no ranch!). If you have any questions or interests about Shakeology, please comment below or message me on Facebook. I’ll keep you updated on the results.


Any thoughts?

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