Numbers are important: Day 16

Posted on: July 13, 2012

I have never been a fan of math; it was my first “B” ever, and that was in the 4th grade. I cried. So, needless to say, I have tried just about every method of trying to cheat the weight loss system and not count calories with strategies like not eating carbs (a LONG time ago, if you’re still doing this, please don’t!), only eating certain foods at certain times, restrictive plans, etc. The truth is, I have never been as successful as when I first lost weight by limiting calories and increasing activity. Now, I am going back to the god old mathematical way and seeing great progress (7lbs. down!).

Some numbers I now keep tabs on:

  • BMR: this number tells me how many calories I burn while at rest. So, theoretically, if I laid on the couch all day watching Dexter  or Dance Moms this is what I would be burning. My number? 1543. The number is based on age, gender, and height. See an online calculator like this one to find yours.
  • Weight: I am weighing myself almost everyday. I never used to do this, but it really does help with late night sweet cravings knowing you have to face that number in the morning. This isn’t a necessary habit for weight maintenance; once a week is plenty if you are at you “happy weight.”
  • Calories in/Calories out: How many are you eating? How many are you burning? I use myfitnesspal and track EVERYTHING (even the 900 calorie sushi lunch I had yesterday, fancy rolls are my weakness). The site only gives you options to lose up to 2lbs a weeks. That means creating a deficit of 1000 calories per day. For me that would mean eating 1200 calories and burning about 650 each day. Because I find exercise so loveable, I often burn a lot more than 650 calories. So sometimes, I lose a half pound per day. It is do-able. Just know your numbers!

Also, it’s time again for my 10 goals!

  1. weigh in 130 lb range
  2. establish 4 personal relationships with professional contacts
  3. get 500 subscribers to blog
  4. make money with blog
  5. take social spring break
  6. reach $3500 in savings and $3500 in checking
  7. hold sorority house leadership position
  8. 3.5 GPA
  9. work for IDS
  10. teach at least 2 fitness formats

1 Response to "Numbers are important: Day 16"

I couldn’t agree more – well done!

Any thoughts?

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