Revamp your kitchen to revamp your bod: Day 15

Posted on: July 12, 2012

Day 15 brings me back to that day, 7 years ago, when I first decided I was done with ordering #2’s with at McDonald’s (is that still the two cheeseburger meal?); I went cold turkey on my pop intake and went grocery shopping with healthy intent. During the past several years, our household kitchen has been nutritionally cleaned up with each new piece of information I learn. Today I will apply “revamping your kitchen” to both the standard family kitchen and to the mini fridges of college students. Here are some steps Chalene recommends, I have tried, and am still trying to give yourself the healthiest options at your fingertips.

1. Get rid of the JUNK! This one is huge for me, because man, if it’s there, I am bound to eat it someday. We don’t keep candy at our house (unless we’ve been to visit my sweet Nona and bags of fun size Kit-Kats were “buy-one-get-one-free” at Kroger). Pop is nowhere to be found and we replaced it with packets of Crystal Light. Fellow students, do you really need those double-stuffed Oreos AND family size bag of chocolate-covered peanuts? How about swapping them for Cookies n’ Cream Luna bars and chocolate Shakeology and a scoop of PB2?

2. Swap junk for healthier options. I gave a few examples above of where swaps can be made; there is almost always a healthier option. Check out Eat This Not That for great alternatives to your favorite foods. The book and website are great for restaurant swaps, as well.

3. Stock up on containers to store portions. Since beginning PUSH, I started doing this with trail mix because I will eat handfuls of that stuff for a straight hour if I am not careful. I now keep the fruity, nutty crack in Ziplock snack baggies.

4. Arrange prep tools so you can find them easily. Cooking will be less daunting this way. In addition, go get your blender from the highest, furthest, most dusty cupboard and make a smoothie! Healthy and quick! College kids, make the Magic Bullet your new BFF.

5. Spring clean your fridge. Get rid of junk, old stuff, and things you never use. All the produce you will buy won’t leave room for that 2-year old bottle of Thousand Island.

6. Put individual servings of snacks at the front of your pantry. Quick, easy, and healthy.

I am a food lover, so the kitchen can be my safe-spot or my danger zone; I do my best to keep it a safe-spot.


Any thoughts?

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