Day 14 driven toward success

Posted on: July 11, 2012

Well after yesterday’s exhausting events I came home and at a couple helpings of sweet potato fries, a veggie burger and pudding concoction I made- not exactly pushing me in the direction of my h&f goal. I tried to offset it a bit by riding my bike to teach swim lessons this morning and lucky for me day 14 is all about not getting hung up on potential roadblocks (like cravings, exhaustions, etc.).

I am a major sweet lover, so I often find myself feeling empty without dessert. Since beginning PUSH, I have given myself two splurges. And you know what? I am finally starting to shake the self-guilting about indulging because I finally do it with a purpose and in moderation- something I hardly ever did before. Previously I was one of those “finish half a cake in one sitting” type of girl. And then I would feel gross for three days afterword. Now, I find myself in control, able to enjoy it more, and satisfied.

In other news, I chopped up TONS of veggies to keep in the fridge and lunched on a fine bowl of steamed green peppers, mushrooms, leftover tempeh, and blueberry salsa. I swear, I can make a lunch out of anything.



Any thoughts?

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