Oh the irony…day 13

Posted on: July 10, 2012

My head is pounding right now and honestly the last thing I want to do is get off of this couch, let alone teach two fitness classes in a row.

Are you still with me after that less than enthusiastic prelude? If so, I have an explanation for my crankiness. It is called the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Exam. This morning after teaching a 5:30am class, doing my own Insanity workout, and cramming last-minute I drove an hour to Southwestern Michigan College to take the computer based exam that would “make or break” my credibility as an instructor (at least in my mind, it would). And what do you know? HALLELUJAH I PASSED! Apparently locking myself in my room for extended periods of time three days straight with nothing but my two ACE textbooks and a notebook was an affective enough study method. How I passed while running on three consecutive near sleepless nights (due to my self-diagnosed test anxiety; I had nightmares during finals week in May and what do you know, they returned this week), I’ll never know.

Fast forward two hours after the test, I ate a nice bowl of brown rice pesto pasta and some berries then allowed myself to recoup; time to put my happy, energetic-pants back on. I open up day 13 of PUSH: Fitness program design. Come on Chalene, your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle tips haven’t failed me yet but this just was NOT the motivational topic I was hoping to ponder today. I spent two hours this morning (not to mention the days preparing) staring at a computer screen flashing question after question about fitness program design! Oh well, 10 more minutes wont kill me.

Chalene and I share the same views on individual program design; that is, that your fitness routine should be a balance of cardio, strength, and flexibility and should be a part of your everyday life, as routine as brushing your teeth. While instructing at Purdue, I really appreciate the value placed on participant education. Each month we were given factual information about a topic in health and fitness to share with our class(es). Maybe it’s because I’ve had interesting fit facts branded into my brain by my ACE fitness manuals, but I felt the need to start sharing some of what I learn with my awesome participants. The point of my little digression here, is that this morning I shared the general time guidelines for healthy adults in regards to exercise with my Cardio Fusion class, and said guidelines should be the framework for your fitness routine, especially if you are just starting out. 150 minutes weekly. Those two and half hours dispersed among 7 days should be the minimum. No more “There’s no time in my day” excuses or whining “I am too out of shape.” There are 168 hours in the week (thanks to my sisters bf, Korey for whipping out that killer equation of 7×24 in his head, no scratch paper needed) and “exercise” means setting aside structured time to elevate your heart rate, tone your muscles, or improve your flexibility. Rig up a sweet tv set up next to that cobwebb-y treadmill, buy a pair of resistance bands and a yoga mat and you have all the tools you need meet the minimum 150 all while enjoying Tosh.O’s weekly web redemption or Ellen’s latest dance moves. Just about anybody can make a workout work, don’t delay sweat today!


Any thoughts?

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