Day 12 You can buy healthy success?

Posted on: July 9, 2012

Shopping is my middle name. I can hardly walk into Target without finding something great that wasn’t on my list. So, I love today’s task. “Successorize!” Chalene lists her top tools for weight loss success. I actually have most of these things like fitness DVD’s and a calorie counting app. Since I am a bit of a gadget gal and a shopoholic, I will use this opportunity to list my top 5 favorite fit “successories.”

1. High-intensity workout DVD program (Insanity, TurboFire, P90x, etc.) Programs like these often include a workout schedule, nutrition guide, and motivational tools so the guess work is finished and all you have to do is sweat! Check them out here.

2. Nogii bars and Shakeology are my favorite “emergency foods.” I can pack them for a trip and they taste like dessert!

3. Spotify. Seriously subscribe; you have access to a seemingly endless amount of songs that you can take anywhere via a smartphone. Create running playlists, biking playlists, playlists to motivate you, or playlists to calm you down after an ultra-energizing workout!

4. Myfitnesspal is a fitness tracking website/app with the simplest interface and most broad food/exercise database I’ve seen. Search the site on my blog search to hear more about it.

5. Nike running shoes and cross trainers! Adversity can hide around every corner when you work out at a decent intensity 5+ days a week : schedule conflicts, boredom, injury. While new shoes won’t free up your schedule; and unless they are a combination of ridiculously amazing colors, they probably won’t keep you from getting bored with the same 30 minute elliptical routine everyday, but they can protect your whole lower body from injury. Feeling great while working out starts with your feet; some of my personal favorites are Nike, choose your brand but make sure that you use running shoes for running and cross trainers for workouts with lateral (side to side) movement.


Any thoughts?

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