10 goals and some important instructions

Posted on: July 6, 2012

One week ago I posted my first set of 10 goals for this year, a set that I am supposed to update on a weekly basis without looking back at the previous week. This is to ensure all thoughts are raw, unrefined, and in the moment.

1. Weigh in the 130 lb range

2. Have 500 subscribers to my blog

3. Have $3000 dollars in savings and $3000 in checking

4. Establish personal relationship with 5 successful professional contacts

5. Put in 2 hrs a week with a nonprofit

6. Hold leadership role in my sorority

7. Have 50+ in one of my fitness classes

8. Go on social spring break

9. Get something published

10. Have a 3.5 cum GPA


In addition to my updated list, I would like to provide you all with a hassle-free way to subscribe to my blog. Look at the right hand corner at the top of the page and pretty please click subscribe. Should you choose to follow my instructions (do it, do it, do it) you will begin receiving emails whenever I post, awesome right?



Any thoughts?

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