Health and Fitness reverse engineering

Posted on: July 3, 2012

Yesterday, I was Miss Productivity! I ran (quickly, for once), did Insanity, stopped eating before 8, limited snacking, and researched my PUSH goal! I love those days when you feel like you really accomplished something. As far as progress on my PUSH goal, I will be checking off one of my mini tasks today as I head to the church-quiet Dunlap library to check out some blogging books. That is, if their seemingly ancient shelves have anything beyond “Gameboy Color for Dummies.”

So today, I did further reverse engineering…on my H&F goal.

Here is my list:

  • calculate BMR (already kind of did this, more tomorrow or later today)
  • pinpoint necessary calorie count for 1000 cal deficit per day
  • make list of go-to foods
  • make list of go-to distractions (for times of craving)
  • set 4 days per week for morning workouts
  • begin weight/measurement log
  • start “healthy tip” book
  • schedule weekly workouts
  • track food in My Fitness Pal
  • stop eating 3 hours before bed
  • completely eliminate gluten (I’m intolerant)
  • 0-1 servings of dairy daily (on a mission to completely eliminate for ethical/health reasons)
  • Read Wheat Belly
  • Read Skinny Bitch
  • Read Veganism
  • Read Vegan for Dummies
  • Read Nutrition for Dummies

Anyone have any other suggestions??


Any thoughts?

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