Day 5…Reverse Engineering PUSH

Posted on: July 2, 2012

Day 5 requires a bit of predicting, anticipating, and deciding. Today I reverse engineered my PUSH goal of attaining 500 subscribers to my blog. The art of reverse engineering is this: think of all the “mini to-dos” that your goal will require, and make a list of them. Whether it is purchasing equipment, opening a new bank account, or doing some research–if it pertains to your PUSH goal and can be accomplished in a day, it goes on the list.

Here is my task list thus far:

  • research common goals for bloggers and add to list
  • research wordpress apps
  • add apps to blog
  • read popular “fit” blogs
  • take notes on writing and layout of popular “fit” blogs
  • research best blogging site
  • research getting own domain name
  • research money-making strategies of bloggers
  • research ads on blogs
  • find out how to advertise blog on sites
  • nail down direction in which I want to take my blog
  • subscribe to other blogs
  • comment on other posts
  • research graphics in relation to blogging
  • look at library for books on blogging

Obviously, most of my tasks right now include research. Once I do the initial research on successful blogging, I will be able to add to my list of tasks (and will post an updated list along with my progress in checking off tasks).

Remember, this method of goal setting execution can be applied to almost any life goal. So set yours and join me on this journey!

Feel free to post suggestions that you believe would make my blog more inviting!


Any thoughts?

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