Goal Post…possibly my first intended whitty sports reference

Posted on: June 29, 2012


Day 2 of PUSH, Chalene instructs readers (do-ers) to compile a list of 10 awesome, “crazy cool” goals they would like to achieve in the next year if all cards are stacked in their favor. The requirements for the list? It is to be rewritten on a weekly basis; it is to include one health goal and one financial goal; it is to be challenging; it is to be specific. 

Here is my goal list for the week:

  • Weigh under 140lbs (something I have not done in 3 years)
  • Have $3000 dollars in savings and $3000 dollars in checking
  • Establish personal relationship with at least one professor
  • earn a 3.5 cumulative GPA
  • reach 500 subscribers on blog
  • play an active role in my sorority (hold house position)
  • take a spring break
  • actively support charitable cause
  • work for IDS (IU student newspaper)
  • get something published in a magazine
  • get ACE certified (American Council on Exercise)

I will rewrite this list each week…maybe my goals will change, who knows?


Any thoughts?

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