MOVE on the go

Posted on: June 14, 2012

Road Trip! For every 100 times a caravan to a desirable destination is proposed among college students, one actually happens. The reality is that at 18-22 years old, most peoples’ car-packing, money-budgeting, and direction-giving skills are far from their peak, making many trips more hassle than their worth. So whats a ‘kid’ to do? Pick one or two journeys worth embarking upon and leave the rest of your travel time up to your parents (family vacays can be seriously enjoyable and also free for you).

If your summer involves some type of travel be it with your parents, college friends, or buddies from home, it is always a good idea to stay active even if there wasn’t enough room in your duffel for two 10-lb dumbbells or a yoga mat. I have options on options for destination workouts!

  • Scenic run: running is popular for a reason…it’s simple, free, and can be done anywhere. Lace up your shoes and check out your  surroundings. Make sure you have a GPS or are super-sure of where you’re headed.
  • DVD’s: by now you all know I am a DVD junkie. There is something really satisfying about knowing you squeezed in a workout in your hotel room before a day of activities…literally squeezed it in…between the two full-sized beds, strewn clothing, open suitcases, and people trying to get ready.
  • A whole new workout! If lucky you are headed to a resort or exciting town, check out local (or free at a resort) workout classes and expand your fitness horizons.
  • Hotel gym: fitness rooms are under-rated. Many have an elliptical, so you can take a break from reading Cosmo by the pool and read it and burn off last nights dessert as well. Treadmills are also more versicles than people give them credit for; try side shuffling to work the hips or backwards running for the hamstrings.
  • Old fashioned circuit training: my least favorite form of working out is still a very handy go-to. Do 15-20 minutes of jumping jacks, high knees, sit ups, etc. Stretch at the end. Check out fitness magazines for other handy circuit training options.

Stay active, have fun, travel safely.


Any thoughts?

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