The cool thing about our bodies

Posted on: June 12, 2012

Two or three months ago I developed something that I self-diagnosed as eczema on my chin, neck and chest: bumps, dry skin, itchiness, irritation–the whole deal. I tried a few cortisone creams and exfoliates daily, to no avail. It wasn’t until I did the Clean program (see previous posts) and removed gluten from my diet, that it disappeared.
I found this very interesting and decided to research symptoms of gluten intolerance; sure enough, eczema was a common symptom along with lack of energy, mental fog, achy joints, digestive discomfort, etc. So, I cut all wheat products out for 5 days (as I was back on a normal diet after the Clean program). My neck is completely clear! I decided to test it out last night and eat some cake at a graduation party to see if it would affect me and I woke up with an itching neck! Crazy!
Obviously, I have not been allergy tested and have not been seen by a doctor on this topic, but through listening to my own body and doing a bit of research I discovered a root to my own health issue. This saved me probably years of trying different skin creams, hundreds of dollars in co-pay fees for doctor visits and lots of discomfort. Sure, it stinks that I need to avoid wheat products to feel my best, but there are tons of healthy, tasty, gluten-free options for almost everything out there.
The point of this post is not to commend myself for my ability to conduct an affective google-search, but rather, to encourage you to listen to your body. Listen carefully. Is it telling you something? If that something is positive, it is worth listening. If that something is negative, it is worth listening. Seek out answers for negativity in your body–a bit of detective work can totally change your health!


Any thoughts?

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