Beauty Sweat

Posted on: June 9, 2012

The saying “it’s painful to be beautiful,” may reign true when it comes to the hours put in at the gym to get those beautifully sculpted quads of biceps but it doesn’t have to apply to your daily beauty routine. As a fitness instructor, I break a sweat several times a day whether it be during my classes, practicing choreography, or in my own workout…so why fuss over multi-step beauty routines? I am all about simple, especially in the summer. Here are some of my favorite fixes for fitness beauty routines:


Degree deodorant: This stuff smells yum, lasts a long time, and doesn’t leave too much white residue. I love love love the Pure Clean Ultra Clear Scent.

Clean&Clear Duel Action Moisturizer: I have combination skin so some areas get dry while others are oily or broken out. This is a great product to put on at night or under your makeup.

Country Chic Body Splash: Bath & Body Works is the master of this quick fix scent spray. Spritz some on after a workout, before a date, or just after an hour out in the sun. It isn’t too overbearing and you can play “college kid” by using it to freshen up clothes you would rather not wash every wear.

EcoTools brushes: soft, cheap, ecofriendly and affective–find them at Target, Ulta, or drugstores. Wash them with antibacterial soap every few months.

Nivea Aftershave Balm: Here is where I tell it all…spending all day in sweaty clothes is not the friendliest to sensitive skin. My skin is prone to razor bumps and general irritation, so this made-for-men solution calms redness and soothes after a shower. It is great for underarm razor burn. Ladies, you’ll smell like a sexy man after using this so I would suggest smoothing on a lady-like scented lotion over top; surprisingly, hunky male model scent disappears.

Stila One Step  Primer: It calms redness, conceals, and tones your face before putting on makeup. This also helps makeup adhere to skin all day.

Bare Minerals foundation: I am obsessed with the company Bare Essentuals that makes this product. Each and every one of their face-enhancing items blends perfectly onto nearly any type and color of skin. It stays put and looks flawless. Use it as a concealer, also!

Eyelash curler: Mine is Tarte brand, but almost any brand will do. Liven your eyes and look perky…I rely on this for my 5:30am workout class, gotta keep the energy up!

BadGal Lash: This is Benefit brand and pairs perfectly with the eyelash curler, above. Gotta love no smudges and plump lashes.

Girl Meets Pearl highlighter: Also Benefit brand, this is my secret weapon. If you have opened a women’s magazine in the past year, you have surely noticed that nearly every beauty section features some type of highlighter. Dab some above your cheekbones, under your brow and down the center of your nose for a “HELLO WORLD!” look.

Comment with your favorite beauty products below, and have a beautifully fit day!




Any thoughts?

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