Day 5 and 6: Clean Program

Posted on: May 26, 2012

I decided to go back to my written ways for the post encompassing my experiences with cleansing for both yesterday and today. I will be back with a video tomorrow!

Day 5:

“Ugh!” is about the only way to describe my 5th day on the Clean program. I felt hormonal, weak, and lethargic. Because the elimination diet requires you to remove several things that typically interrupt the normal function of human hormones such as soy, dairy, and non-organic foods as your body adjusts to the new, cleaner diet, hormones change. I think I jumped the gun by assuming on day 4 that I was over the hump of cravings and detox symptoms. All I could think about yesterday was food; I didn’t want to work out (although I took a quick bike ride); I felt my own will and levelheadedness at a low. So, I caved. I ate some definitely non-elimination foods last night with a promise to myself to read the section in Clean about falling off the wagon, and jump right back into it on day 6. Dr. Junger’s advice on what to do in the even that a detox-er eats foods not included in the program was simply to jump back in as if nothing happened and to consider consuming only liquid meals for 1-2 days following the slip-up. I chalked my mistake up as a very human learning experience. Onward to day 6…

Day 6:

Woke up bloated and feeling pretty yuck from my “whoops” last night. I am ready to take on today with a vengeance , though. I already  gave my all in a 40- minute Insanity workout, plan to go for a jog and stay active today while enjoying the sun. Kombucha was the perfect drink to revitalize my body after last night and my liquid only meals today will keep me feeling light and energized.

We are only human and that means two things 1) We make mistakes. 2) We much compensate for those mistakes by treating our bodies right with activity, proper nutrition, and rest.

See you tomorrow for day 7!


Any thoughts?

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