Happy Monday everyone! I am starting this week off with a strong momentum to accomplish! I am reading the book PUSH by Chalene Johnson, which at this point, I have no idea if I have blogged about; however, some searching through the archives will be done and if I have, in fact, neglected to post about this brilliant life-changing read, I will definitely do so in the near future. Anyways, one of the major concepts addressed in the book is finding your soul-mate workout. What this means to you is totally subjective as you may be a fitness guru who loves almost anything that brings about a solid sweat, or you may be someone who’s worst nightmare is being required to do anything beyond mat Pilates– and even getting there is challenge enough. I would definitely put myself in the former category when I take into consideration the group fitness classes that I consider entertainment, the way I examine any given area for ample amount of sidewalk-age on which to run , and the overflowing exercise DVD collection taking over my basement shelves. Just don’t ask me to shoot hoops or join you on a stair stepper.

Although I love sweat sessions in almost any form, there is one workout that hypes me up more than any other and has for the past six years: Turbo. I love Turbo. There is a group exercise version (TurboKick), the first DVD version (TurboJam…this format helped me shed 35 pounds six years ago when I first began my fitness journey), and the ramped up DVD version (TurboFire…the one I chose yesterday and felt myself delightfully challenged by the quick pace). My love for Turbo led me to lose weight, become certified in it, and teach it for a year at Purdue University.

My hometown is very unfamiliar with the concept of Turbo and I would LOVE to change that. It is a brilliant cardio routine incorporating kickboxing, a little shaking it, and a lot of great music. Nothing revs me up more than that siren signifying the quick burst interval known as “the Turbo” in the middle of the workout, the interval proven to increase calorie burn after completing it, the interval lasting 1-2 minutes followed by a drink break. YouTube “TurboJam,” “TurboFire,” or “TurboKick” to see what I mean.

Turbo is my soul-mate workout for so many reasons but the primary reason is that no matter what condition I am in, I can always turn to it for a solid workout. If my knees are sore, I don’t have to jump. If I am tired, the warm-up is energizing but I can still do the movements at my own intensity level. If I have mountains of enthusiasm for the day, I can get super into the music, sound effects, and exaggerate my movements. My body knows I am in for a good workout when it begins with shoulder-rolls (the first move in a Turbo warmup). I encourage you to try the format by attending a TurboKick class, trying a DVD, or even following along with a YouTube clip for a little taste of the Turbo action. If you don’t love it, hey, everyone has their soul-mate workout–find yours.

My Soul-mate


4 Responses to "My Soul-mate"

Aw! I’m SO gonna get that book! And haha can you stop talking about you and turbo cause it’s kinda making me cry thinking I’m never gonna get to take your class at Purdue again… SICK ANNMARIE!! IM MAD BECAUSE I LOVE YOUU!! WAAAAAAA :”( you.. you are my soulmate workout girl. Miss you ❤ have fun being awesome WITHOUT MEE!! Can't wait to hear about the new ladies that get u kale though! haha ❤ and all the good classes they have there and everythinggg keep in touch!

I will definitely not be a stranger! I have to come back and see you and everyone. PUSH is a great book, and the author, Chalene is a fantastic motivator. I miss you already and can’t wait to see you next year. What was your time in the 5k by the way??

😀 ❤ 23.24 ..I want to do another at the end of the summer maybe and hopefully I'll have improved!

Fantastic! I am looking to improve my speed so I think I am going to do a 5k soon.

Any thoughts?

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