Fitness and health are a journey…you don’t have to journey alone

Posted on: May 11, 2012

I am typically a promise-keeper. So I must regretfully inform you, my tried and true followers, that I decided to end my detox at just four days. Yesterday, I went to Chicago to visit a few museums and forgot my lunch sitting on the counter at home. It was not terribly difficult to find detox friendly foods at the museum cafes; it was the scent of coffee that got me. All I wanted was that iced coffee to pacify my craving. And you know what? I am a healthy 19-year-old; why shouldn’t I have that coffee? Of course, I shouldn’t have that coffee AND a cookie AND pizza for dinner…so I didn’t. And this principle¬†is the one that I am striving for in my eating habits–balance.

I will definitely repeat the Clean Program several more times during the course of my life, as its benefits are amazing; however, my health and fitness goals right now don’t necessarily align with doing a 3-week detox. I have no doubt, though, that once I reach my goals of becoming more balance, exercising portion control, and practicing consistency that I will be in the right mental place to detox for all of the right reasons. For now I need to listen to my heart and my body and accept where I am on my health and fitness journey.

Upon returning home from Purdue, my mom asked me to help her out on her fitness and health journey. I couldn’t be more excited about having a buddy hold me accountable for practicing what I preach. This week we are going to give up snacking and start using myfitnesspal.com on a daily basis (see my post on the calorie and exercise tracking website for more information). YES for small wins.

My mom and I have different goals for ourselves both nutritionally and fitness-related; but, who says we can’t encourage and check in with one another? We both set clear, measurable goals for ourselves and are excited to reach them together. If you don’t have someone in your life that has a health-related goal they wish to achieve, find new people to hang around with. Kidding. Ask! Bring up healthy living topics and I am sure you will find that a close friend or family member is looking to improve themselves physically in some way– team up! Two is better than one my friends!

Sharing is caring: Did you drop a pound? Celebrate with your “Fitness Buddy”! Did you run further than ever before? Post it on your FB’s wall! Is your FB lacking in motivation? Find a motivational quote and text it to them!

On that note, please feel free to share your successes, tips, struggles, etc. in the comment box below or in any comment box on any of my posts. I love to know who is reading and how my posts pertain to you!


Any thoughts?

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