Detoxing…it’s not that scary

Posted on: May 8, 2012

If at the utter mentioning of the word “detox” you picture yourself fumbling with a bulky juicer, choking down a thick green concoction comprised of kale, garlic and chia seeds, or simply being forced to learn what kale and chia seeds are–sit back and allow me to ease your mind.

Just a year ago I was where you might be now, confused by all of the mixed reviews on detoxing and slightly unwilling to give up my coffee for any predetermined length of time; however, I stumbled upon the book “Clean,” by Dr. Alejandro Junger a little over a year ago and my views were changed. This 21-day detox program is unlike other detoxes in the sense that is not solely about nutrition, and you do eat solid food each day. Dr. Junger created the cleanse to help himself as a tired and run-down cardiologist that only ate hospital cafeteria food. He then realized that nearly every human being living in toxicity that is our world could use a little internal cleansing.

The gist of the plan is this: drink a smoothie or juice for breakfast and dinner, and enjoy a solid meal for lunch in between. All food and drink consumed during the 3 week period must be included in the “elimination diet” which excludes all things known to cause indigestion, allergic reactions, or toxicity within the body. For example, gluten, soy, and dairy are not allowed, but olive oil, green tea, and almond butter are.

I learned a lot my first time doing this program and it changed my outlook on eating-an outlook that I lost when I entered college. During my first year of college I grew as a person but feel as though I betrayed the health freak I once was on midnight rendezvous with cheesy bread and dining court rampages with shortbread cookies. These three weeks following my freshman year provide the perfect time to reset my body and regain confidence in my own ability to make healthful nutritional choices.

So, I will complete these three weeks with drive and passion. I am in no way saying that a detox is right for every person from every walk of life; but rather, encouraging you to reevaluate your eating habits– are there some you could modify or change to improve your health? If the answer is yes, and you are up for a rewarding challenge to reach a sense of calmness in the face of food, maybe a detox could do you wonders.

Check out the Clean program here:

Tomorrow I will be reporting an hour-by-hour “day on the detox.” Stay tuned.


Any thoughts?

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