Character is determined by-

Posted on: May 6, 2012

Today I finished my first marathon–26.2 miles. I didn’t cross the finish line with much grace or without a pretty substantial amount of pain extending from the tip of my big toes and up my back. However, the excitement and emotion I felt as I conquered that last half-mile with supporters cheering and giving us “more cowbell” was overwhelming enough to bring me to tears. My wrap up of the day as follows: I had fun, it was tough, I am sure my gluttony for painful training will lead me to do another, and I am more than looking forward this coming week that I will commit to yoga, healthy eating, and relaxation.

As I was laying here on the couch (because I can hardly move, I don’t know how those 1-race-a-month crazies do it) watching my favorite show Bethenny Ever After, I was struck by a line in an episode from 3 weeks ago. Bethenny Frankel, one of my many inspirations, was asked to be on the cover of Self magazine and at her cover shoot she conversed with the Editor-in-chief, Lucy Danziger, about the trials and tribulations of marriage. Danziger offered Frankel these words of wisdom, “A true test of character is not how you are on your best days, it’s how you are on your worst days.” I felt inspired by these words, today especially, as I didn’t meet my goal time of less than 4 hours. But I believe that they can be applied to tons of day-to-day occurrences.

We all have our bad days– days that test our ability to stay positive, exude kindness, and remain true to ourselves and our priorities. For me, that can mean a day on which I received a poor grade, didn’t meet a goal, heard some bad news, or just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It is what we do with those days that shapes us into who we are. To fix one of my example days ideally I would choose to go over what I did wrong to receive the poor grade and make changes on the next academic task, give myself another shot to reach my goal, see the positive light in the bad news and understand everything happens for a reason, or smile and turn my day around. All problems have a solution that can be found if you look beyond the problem itself.

No matter what your plight-of-the-day may be, know you’re not alone; but you, alone, have the character and ability to conquer whatever comes your way.

Peace. Love. Good Food. (Sorry I am starving! 26.2 burns a lot of calories!!)


2 Responses to "Character is determined by-"

Congrats on the race!!! You are so inspiring, 5k in my town this Saturday! WOOT! And brilliant quote. Perfect post to read laying in bed veggin after finals week and 18-hour drive home, haha (sounds like nothing compared to your marathon) haha soo i decided to get off my @$$ and you know what Ms. Inspiration? I DID my laundry!!!! i CLEANED my room! its spottless! my clothes are all organized in the drawers and with this time off, you’ve brought me to some seriously rawesome accomplishments! Power yoga yesterday, spin this morning, working at Rawbert’s Organic Garden at 3:00pm-close tonight, come visit?!? Thanks for the drive girl. Keep it up!!! ❤

Woah, get it girl! I’ve been on a cleaning rampage all day and am about to do yoga, you know I’d come visit in a heartbeat if someone dropped a plane ticket on my doorstep haha.

Any thoughts?

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