Practice makes perfect

Posted on: April 30, 2012

There is an idea that exists in regard to practice that is as follows: it takes 10,000 hours of doing something to truly become an expert. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, I don’t know. I do know something though, practicing any task, skill, or action makes you more efficient and confident in execution of said task, skill, or action.

Take for example, the first time someone goes to the gym: swiping a  their key-card feels awkward and it takes fumbling to retrieve it from their gym bag, they didn’t realize Adidas Superstars were appropriate athletic footwear ten years ago, they are dazed and confused by the machines that look like they belong encased in titanium bulleting toward Mars at 1000 mph, and they are caught off guard by the grunting man chest-pressing and the scrawny guy in jeans hovering around waiting for them to finish their sets with the 15 pound dumbbells. After a few more trips to the gym this person automatically begins to swipe their card without hesitation and while greeting the front desk staff; their appearance confidently blends in (unless you’re like me, who feels the need to visually scream “I’m here!” with neon yellow running jackets, fluorescent Nikes, and/or blinding blue leggings when I enter the gym); they have a few favorite machines on which they feel the best burn; and “that guy at the gym” is just another guy at the gym.

My example of someone becoming comfortable with an action through repetition hopefully displayed that one can reach a state of confident execution with anything– be it a workout class, test-taking, healthfully navigating a buffet/dining hall, confronting people, interviewing, or working a job–almost anything.

As my freshman year of college is winding down and I am preparing to make some big changes in my life, I have been reflecting on the changes that I have made in from August until now: I started college; I had to practice SO MANY things to feel even remotely successful at being a college student, things like note-taking, dorm-living, paying attention, avoiding 12:30 dining hall traffic, sleeping in a noisy enviroment, studying, etc. I joined a sorority; practicing patience, self-control, open-mindedness, time management, and leadership help me still to work at being the best Delta Zeta sister I can be. I trained for a marathon; I am in my last week of training and had I not practiced preparing and running like I would on race-day I would be shaking in my Lunarglide 3+’s as I sit here, 6 days from 26.2 miles. And a huge, rewarding, change for me was becoming a fitness instructor; by seeking support in an amazing group of current and prospective instructors, watching YouTube videos of phenomenal fitness gurus, punching and kicking at 7 am in an empty study lounge, and constantly evaluating my own skills, I feel ready and confident in my decision to take on the task of instructing 4+  classes this summer in my home town. (If you are a reader in the Elkhart area, see my flyer below and please feel free to contact me with any questions. These classes will be great!) Practice hasn’t yet made perfect in any of these areas, nor will it ever–so I suppose my title was slightly misleading. Practice makes you better, it’s a catalyst in the process of you becoming your best self!

Three of my amazing sorority sisters and friends Michelle, Kelly, and Sophia who allowed me to practice my instructing skills on them. These girls are absolutely fitness buddy status and beyond! I love love love my Purdue Delta Zetas–they help me to become the best I can be in my every endeavor. You guys are amazing.


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I love you so much and my buns are burning. Don’t leave me. (Yes i will continue to beg until you actually do not leave me.)

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