Finally…longer days!

Posted on: April 23, 2012

I apologize if you were lured to this post with a hopeful heart that I had somehow discovered a way in which to add an extra hour to your 24 that always slip away. I can’t offer you a “Wrinkle in Time,” but I can offer you a fabulous reminder that summer is near!

The worst thing about my childhood was 8 o’clock bedtime (you heard me right, I didn’t have it too bad): the sun still pouring in around my shades as I was expected to stay in my bunk bed. It was so not fair. Today, I relish the fact that I can choose my own bedtime and take full advantage of the extra sunlight that blesses Indiana summer evenings.’

What could you do with these extra couple of hours? I have some suggestions:

  • Take a cool evening run without your mom insisting you take mace, a flashlight, and your dad on a bike.
  • Remain productive, knocking out your to-do list before the bonfire invites flood your inbox.
  • Get up early and practice some outdoor yoga, no one will be watching at 6 am–no one but your 80-year-old neighbors eating their half-grapefruit and berating the political newspaper articles
  • Siesta! or Fiesta! Whichever Spanish practice you want to indulge in, go ahead. The extra time in your day allows for extra rest and/or play.

Some of my favorite fit summer activities include:

  • Morning runs
  • Bike rides to the coffee shop
  • Climbing sand dunes
  • Walks with my parents
  • Pretending to be able to play tennis (great free date)
  • Roasting marshmallows (22 calories a piece and roasting is fun, offer to make them for all of your friends)
  • Reading fitness magazines on a lounge chair

Summer is only here for 3 months, soak it up!

Picture taken by my lovely roommate Giuliana Lucchesi


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aw yess!!

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