Shine in your own skin

Posted on: April 20, 2012

I have been on a bit of a mental health post kick lately–on a college campus with 31,000 undergrad, nearly half of whom are hormonal, body-conscious women, bashing of one’s natural physique is common place. Even more so now than I did in high school, I hear my friends and peers call themselves and others fat, deem every morsel they ingest as the devil, and obsess over the way they look every time they step out of their room. Where is the self-love everybody?

College is a stressful time. Papers, exams, interviews, jobs, and not to mention a social life that is complex to balance–who wouldn’t eat a little something off-track or miss a workout here and there?  It is one thing to be health conscious and body repectful, and another to drive yourself insane with calorie counts, scales, and “fat talk.”

Instead of berating yourself for that bowl of ice cream, promise yourself to sleep it off tonight by getting to bed a half-hour early, and sweat it out in the morning by getting up a half-hour early to squeeze in a quick workout. Or maybe it is one of those weeks where you have 3 exams and no time to concern yourself with bedtimes and workouts; although health should always remain your first priority (you cannot do ANYTHING without your health) shake it off and get studying. See? Obsessing just makes people sad and anxious, being content with yourself and your decisions takes an unnecessary stress off of your load.

Are you guilty of “fat talking”? Do you look in the mirror and call yourself ugly? Do you tell your friends your ugly? Don’t do it! Talking about being fat, wanting to be skinny, or the weights of others in a degrading manor does NOTHING. Doing something does something. If you are unhappy with your weight or health habits, change them, don’t sulk about wanting to change them. If you are concerned about the weight of a friend, eat a balanced diet around them, invite them to take part in realistic exercise with you. Don’t make fun of her, I know how it feels to be that girl. Check out my first two posts if you want to know more. Look in your mirror before leaving your room, and leave with confidence. You are amazing. And as for telling your friends you’re ugly…friends don’t pick ugly friends, so they will most certainly disagree with you.

Love yourself and so will everyone else!


Any thoughts?

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