Turbo workout, Turbo results

Posted on: April 3, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve done a product review so here is one of my favorites:


Almost 7 years ago when I first started working out, I began with TurboFire’s precedant, TurboJam. I quickly became addicted to this fusion of kickboxing and dance set to hot music and sound effects; not to mention, it was an insane catalyst in my 30 pound weight loss and overall lifestyle transformation. So, needless to say when TurboFire,  the ramped up version of my soul mate work out was released two years ago, I had to have it.

Better music, better moves, better results all categorize complete workout system. It comes with 10 DVD”s including cardio endurance workouts, strenth, yoga, and HIIT workouts. TurboFire is one of the first at home fitness programs to employ the principles of HIIT training. This revolutionary training meathod combines short (1-3) minute intervals of high intensity movements with shorter (30 seconds to 1 minute) periods of rest for maximum calorie burn and fitness advancement. I love it because it allows you to torch a large amount of calories in a short period of time. Another amazing aspect of the DVDs is that they are all instructed by the fabulous Chalene Johnson, fitness phenom and a motivational inspiration to me. Just watch her do her thing for 5 minutes and you will be twisting, rowing, and uppercutting your way to happiness in no time.

The program comes with a plan that you can choose to follow and I followed the given plan two times through and had great results. I now whip out the workouts whenever I am looking to supplement my usual running routine. The Stretch 40 DVD will forever be a favorite of mine. If you haven’t dabbled in home fitness systems yet, I encourage you to free yourself from the gym or pavement and experience the joy of sweating with or without others, in your kitchen, garage, living room, or backyard while embodying grunge at its finest.

Visit the link below and ignite your fire:



Any thoughts?

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