Hey, have you heard this enough…Eat Breakfast!

Posted on: March 20, 2012

My brown rice breakfast and coffee

So you like to sleep? So you hate breakfast? So you’re always running late?

Man, have I got the solution for you! Alternative breakfast!

I have never been much of a pancakes and eggs type of girl, but I know that if I get up at 7:30am and attempt to go 5 hours without so much as a mini Clif bar to sustain me, it’s going to be a bad time. That’s where alternative breakfast comes in. It is an unconventional means of getting great nutrition, boosting your metabolism, and fueling you until lunch time…no syrup or hot sauce (gross) required.

Alt. Breakfast #1: Brown rice made like oatmeal. Before you turn your nose up and call me a weirdo (or something more profane–it’s been done) try it. Buy a 90 second microwave bag of Uncle Ben’s instant brown rice, once it’s cooked throw a tablespoon of nut butter, some cinnamon, a few frozen berries or a chopped banana, or even raisins on top and you have yourself a hearty a delish first meal.

Alt. Breakfast #2: a can of soup. Despite the sodium content, soup is a pretty cool food. It keeps forever and you can drink it. College kids go beyond Campbell’s and whip up a batch when you’re home, store it in containers and bring it back to school (who am I kidding, whine to your mom about how much you miss her cooking and she might even hand-deliver it to you).

Alt. Breakfast #3: 3-4 pieces of fruit, this could not be any simpler or more refreshing. The only issue with this is a lack of protein. Consider adding a handful of nuts to the mix.

If you hate my options, invest in some of Clif or Luna bars, a container of almonds, or a box of Kashi cereal. Start your day off with energy!


Any thoughts?

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