Play up your playlist

Posted on: March 19, 2012

Yesterday I ran 18 miles–not an ordinary feat for the average college student on a Sunday afternoon, I would say. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but telling myself that I rock is all that keeps me trucking along past mile 10, so if I seem overly boastful it is simply me self-motivating. Today my feet are blistered, my knees ache, but I got through it thanks to a varied, and upbeat playlist. No matter what your workout, I bet it could benefit from some sick tunes. Here are my preferred jams (today):

“Midnight City” by M83: With a semi-80’s feel, this song kind of makes you feel like youre in a movie, or in spandex sturrups and a windbreaker.

“Wild One’s” by Sia and Flo Rida: I am sorry to all of my friends, but, yes, I am still in love with this song. I am sure my obsession will only last about another week, though. It’s a pretty typical overplayed, easy to dance to, hit with a bumpin beat.

“Levels” by Avicii: This song has yet to get old, and yet to fail me when I needed a boost of bass-induced energy on a jog. It’s better than caffiene.

“Called Out in the Dark” by Snow Patrol: I love off-the-beaten-path music (not that Snow Patrol is all that “underground” or “indie”), especially when it is used in a workout class. I initially heard this song in my friend, John’s, spinning class and loved it! It is just a classic “get you moving” tune.

“Mondo ’77” by Looper: Honesty is my middle name (hence the reason that I will disclose that my middle name is actually Elena, not Honesty”), so I am going to be straight up with you, my readers, you probably wont like this song. I am not here to sell my playlist, just to share it to for anyone who cares. Mondo has been a favorite of mine since dance team senior year of high school, and my teammeates began to dread warmup because they always knew that I would throw my 2-cents in and insist that “Mondo ’77” was the only song worthy of being played as we dynamically stretched. It’s weird and is a background beat with the lyrics “C’mon, C’mon” thrown in here and there. However, if youre feeling extra adventurous in your listening, check it out.

Happy listening!


Any thoughts?

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