Guilty Pleasures

Posted on: March 12, 2012

Today marks the first weekday of my 2012 spring break and although I am at home, I am relaxing and having fun. In the spirit of spring break, my posts this week will be relaxed and fun–no metaphorical, deep stuff, no serious health talk.

You manage to squeeze in an hour of fitness more often than you don’t, you bypass the desserts in favor of a salad on most occasions, you deserve a guiltily pleasing pat on the back. Here’s where I get mine:

Dance Mom’s and Bethenny Ever After–

I rarely unwind in front of the tv after a long day and never know which shows are on what channel at what time; however, viewing these two shows is built into my weekly schedule. Dance Moms is great; I mean, you get it all: 9 year olds in bootie shorts, a dance teacher who never learned to use her inside voice as a child (nor to do basic dance moves apparently as I have never seen her demonstrate choreography), and hyenas with red fingernails…I mean hard-working dance moms. And Bethenny Ever After just plain rocks. If you regularly read my posts, I think I have referenced businesswoman  Bethenny Frankel on more than one occasion and just a few weeks ago my life was made complete when a stranger told me that I reminded her of the reality star turned health/business/media mogul. 


This site can do one of two things for you

1. Annihilate all attempts to remain productive for an extremely extended length of time, or

2. Provide a solid study break filled with motivational quotes, adorable dresses, and the words “cake batter” followed by the name or every traditional sweet known to Americans.

Starbucks…twice a day–

I am basically obsessed with the home of the green straw. I love me some grande sugar-free peppermint cappuccinos, iced coffee with a shot, or my most confusing favorite- a grande double-blended light soy mocha sugar-free peppermint cappuccino. And nothing is more zen than an iced green tea, or hot vanilla rooibos. Sbux has so many options that your drink can be as calorically dense or light as you please. The strength of their roasts is my ultimate in alertifiers (thats “AnnMarie” for things that wake you up). 



Any thoughts?

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