Slow Down and Listen

Posted on: March 9, 2012

I know that I said my next post would be “a day in my diet.” But I started feeling really gross the day after that post and it is now really hard to swallow because my throat is sore. That’s college for you–social, studies, and sickness.

I was never sick in high school, and that fact makes me wonder what it is about college that completely depleted my immune system. This is my third sickness of this semester and want to figure out what is going on. I am not the type that enjoys sitting around; so being sick makes me more mad that in pain. 

Today starts my spring break and while many of my fellow Boilermakers will be whooping it up on the beaches of Florida, I decided to go home, slow down, and catch up on life. This week I will be getting certified in Piyo, going to the doctor, getting a haircut, and doing other little things for which college time doesn’s allot–and keeping up my marathon training, of course. 

My quick post today is simply an update on the life of AnnMarie and a sincere reminder to listen to your body. Do restorative yoga and slow down, breathe, remember where you stand in this great game of life. So this spring break, wherever you’re headed relax a bit, and if you will be one of the whoop-ers on the beach, take some time upon your return to reality to tune into your body and its needs. 

Peace, love, and palm trees.


Any thoughts?

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