To track or not to track

Posted on: March 6, 2012

I’ve heard it so many times, “Track your calories!” And while for some this may be the ultimate key to weight loss and maintenance,  I have played around with lots of methods and have found that over the years, I am at my happy weight when I don’t obsess about calories. When eating becomes something I have to think about for too much of my day because I am tracking and planning and freaking out, it is bad news.

If you personally love the numbers game and find that you adhere well to a plan that involves counting calories, then by all means, count away. I am a words person (no kidding blogger, right?). And I definitely think taking a month or so every once in a while to get a grip on your food intake and reassess your diet can be a healthful and worthwhile practice.

A while ago, I gave you some useful app options for counting calories; but if you’re, like me and feel that a less numerical method would suit you well, check out the Fitbook!

This pocket-sized (actually not really unless you have monstrous pockets, in which case you may need to consider a more flattering pocket shape) book has spots to track food, feelings, water, sleep, strength, flexibility, food groups, weight, and measurements. It is a 12- week program in during which you set weekly health and fitness goals and reward yourself for completing them. This is an awesome tool for keeping a balanced grip on your health, while celebrating goal completion each week. It can be purchased online from fitbook.com.

Next post: a day in my diet


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