Fitness Buddies!!

Posted on: March 6, 2012

What a gorgeous Monday here in West Lafayette! I am in high spirits because Spring Break starts Friday, and although I chose to pass on the sunny spring break in paradise for the first time since Elementary school, I am more than thrilled to spend a relaxing week with my family. Besides a weeklong break from school, my spirits are high because beautiful days like today inspire me to reflect on the little things that keep me going in life. And because of that, today I have TWO fitness buddies, two girls that keep my spirits high, two girls that remind me to strive for above average: Erin and Michelle.


The first recollection I have of Erin completely making my day was several months ago–I was walking down the street on the phone with my mom probably stressing about some dumb “white kid problem,” when I saw someone running at me through my peripheral vision and all of a sudden two arms wrapped around me. It was Erin. Her smile lights up a room and automatically turns a negative situation to a more positive one. She is always down for a late night trip to the TREC to chat on the elliptical, but in all honestly Erin is more of a mental fitness buddy for me than anything else.

So often people allow one or two characteristics about someone to define that person; Erin has this brilliant ability to see people as one whole person, faults and attributes combined, and love them for the bigger picture. She sees people in a different light than most. Her happiness and spunk make her not only an enjoyable person to be around, but offer a refreshing break from a sometimes all-too-serious world. We all need an “Erin” in our lives.

Literally the only picture I could find of Erin where there weren't a billion other people in the photo. Point proven.


Upon meeting Michelle, I must say I was slightly taken aback by her ultra-dry sense of sarcastic humor. Now though, I have grown to appreciate her grip on reality, obsession with romance, and loyalty (especially to reading my posts). This girl keeps me accountable on so many levels. I love writing, totally love it, but sometimes I don’t feel like sitting down for a half hour to crank out 500+ words that may or may not mean something to someone. And it is on the days that I think no one will notice my negligence to my blog that Michelle so feistily reminds me that someone noticed. Her bombardment with nutrition and fitness related questions every time there is a lull in conversation is honestly much appreciates. I could talk for hours about anything from Turbo Kick to kale (or anything from nothing to everything, for that matter), and I am pretty sure Michelle would listen. After dropping 30 pounds last year, Michelle is actually an inspiration to me. She is currently training for a half marathon and notifies me whenever she reaches a new mileage milestone. This girl is no joke, and its no joke that I love her for that.


So, the moral of today’s post: Look beyond your best bud from workout class, or your trainer, or your health-freak friend and I guarantee that you can find amazing fitness buddy qualities in the people you love the most. Being fit isn’t all about eating a strict diet or running a certain amount each days, its about being the best you can be and surrounding yourself with people who help you to do just that.

Next post: less stress on tracking


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