I’m baaack. And spicy.

Posted on: March 2, 2012

So I have been working out and eating a healthy diet fairly regularly for the past six years. I am a regular in fitness classes and at the gym, tend to choose semi-healthy meals when eating out, and continue to educate myself on expanding knowledge about health and fitness. That being said, I have a few pet peeves about health noob-sauce (novices). I will list them for you, so that you can avoid committing these health and fitness faux pas.

1. Yoga pants on the treadmill. So yoga pants are the greatest thing since sliced bread when it comes to sitting on the couch, downward dogging, or sleeping in what you plan to wear the next day; but when it comes to high intensity exercise during which you will be sweating a decent amount–invest in a pair of running tights or forever subject yourself to the nickname “booty sweat.”

2. Rolling eyes in a fitness class: Hello? This isn’t a psych lecture or a mandatory floor meeting; you chose to get your sweat on in a group setting! I simply can’t understand why people pay the money for passes to exercise and then complain the WHOLE time. Some spicy unwillingness during a workout with a friend can add some humor to a lift session, but don’t penalize a fitness instructor for giving you the workout for which you PAID.

3. Telling vegetarians they need meat. To each their own. And seriously, do you mean a lean cut of chicken breast (Which is still unappealing to me) or a hormone-laden, processed hamburger? Regardless, a plant-based diet is proven to be more heart-healthy and environmentally friendly. So maybe next time you have the inclination to force hot wings or pot roast on someone, thank your vegetarian friend for doing their part to keep your water clean and air breathable.

4. Thinking that some inner-thigh raises and crunches will transform you into something like a Victoria’s Secret model. Genetics are real everyone, as real as the awful smell of West Lafayette, as real as exams the week after Spring Break, as real as… booty sweat. The truth is, you may not have the genetic makeup to get a six pack, or buns o’ steel, or biceps as large around as my thighs (that’s fairly large). No, I am not cutting myself down, or you down. Your shape is yours, mine is mine, it’s going to be that way for ever so love it, tone it, perfect it, flaunt it. It is perfectly normal to admire the shapes of others, but don’t cry yourself to sleep every night or deny yourself lunch in hopes of attaining the same waistline as the cover model of Cosmo.

Head into the weekend with a balanced mind about your diet and fitness, relax, and don’t wear yoga pants if you’re running.

Next Post: Fitness Buddy(Buddies)?

Any thoughts?

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