New Fitness Buddy: Annie Miller

Posted on: February 24, 2012

It’s that time again: time for my fitness buddy of the week.

After a week of studying, stressing, and chasing my tail 18 hours a day, I absolutely love capping my week off with a good workout. Typically I sleep in on Fridays and do an afternoon workout. My regular Friday fitness regimen lately has been an easy run of 4-5 miles followed by Body Sculpt class taught by my fellow Group X instructor, sorority sister, and friend Annie Miller.

Anyone who has been to one of Annie’s Body Sculpt, or Spinning classes (or one of the bazillion for which she subs) can attest to the fact that she means BUSINESS. Her classes are no joke and usually result in a slight difficulty accomplishing daily tasks the next day due to muscle soreness (a good sore). I’ll admit, I sometimes can’t help but cheat during the seemingly endless leg sections during Body Sculpt. But the thing I love about Annie is that she totally distracts all of her participants with funny stories and motivational cues (my favorite being one she said as we were doing overhead presses with dumbbells “Aren’t you guys glad you’re not an octopus and have to do this for eight arms?”) that make the hour-long classes fly by.

Annie’s camaraderie with participants and knowledge as an instructor is inspiring to me as a new instructor. I feel that I have grown in my instructing skills simply from watching Annie interact with her classes, include fresh exercises, and keep the group guessing.

This weekend, I am going out of town and will therefore miss Annie’s Friday 4:00 Body Sculpt class–upsetting. What’s even more upsetting, though, is that I received a text from her yesterday telling me that she will be subbing 3 classes on Sunday that I will not be in town to attend! I seems so ridiculous to get this pumped up to attend Group X classes, but seriously, when she tells me she is subbing a class she doesn’t normally teach, I often rearrange my day. She inspires me to round out my fitness regimen and hearing “You’re awesome/crazy/so motivated” after I take her class keeps me coming back.

Beyond fitness, Annie is so low-maintenance, easy going, and insanely driven: the type of person you can certainly chill with. I am happy to have found a friend and fitness buddy in her and will certainly shed some tears when she leaves Purdue this May to start a career in Chicago.

Tomorrow: How the internet can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Yeah, this is Annie: The face of Group X this semester at Purdue.


Any thoughts?

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