Go with what you know

Posted on: February 23, 2012

So I know I said I would think of what to post while on my run, but I was distracted for much of the 7 miles by the fact that my GPS watch wouldn’t gain signal-the worst! But I decided to take a post-run swim with my roommate and it hit me as I dove in the familiar chlorinated water: go with what you know.

I swam for 2 and a half years in high school and absolutely loved it while I was in it; I loved the feeling of being beat red after a hard practice, the tingling nerves before a race, going to class knowing that you’d probably burned 10 times more calories by 8 am than your classmates would burn in an entire day. Swimming was my first endeavor in serious sports conditioning. Another aspect of swimming that I took completely for granted while I was in it is the joint-frendly low impact nature of the sport. I am in the midst of a marathon training program and am a high-impact group exercise instructor so my joints really take a beating, so weightlessness in the water felt like heaven this morning. It was the feeling I so loved about the sport, the feeling I remember.

The memories triggered by the elation I experienced during my recovery swim inspired me to reflect on other times when returning to your foundation can be therapeutic. Take for instance: a weekend at home after a stressful week of exams, an easy read through of a magazine for pleasure when the last 100 pages of your Psychology textbook nearly killed you, or a few days of eating simple foods like fresh fruit and veggies and whole grains because your stomach isn’t terribly appreciative of the complex junk you filled it with in previous days. Sometimes, returning to the basics is necessary. It maintains sanity.

This morning I knew that the 7 weeks of marathon training was wearing on me. Although I love hearing how admirable people think it is that I am trying to complete 26.2, when I am out there running alone in the cold and only at mile 2.5 with my knees are telling me to stop, it gets really really tough. That is why I rewarded myself with a return to my fitness foundation afterword. I allowed myself to dive in the water, stretch out, rely on muscle memory from my days on the swim team to take over. When things get tough, remember your foundation. Return to it; embrace it; enjoy it.



Any thoughts?

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