My sister Lillie: Thick girl representation at its finest

Posted on: February 20, 2012

After my whirlwind of a weekend filled with family and some much needed time away from the books, I almost forgot to post about my Fitness Buddy of the week. So here I am, at 12:43 am, committed to share with you, the world, one of my heroes.

I am as guilty as the next person of obsessing over my “pooch” or whining about my thighs, or asking my Turbo Kick class who is attending to achieve that “spring break body;” our society is stuck on poor body image. So many work out only on the days they feel fat or when they ate an extra cookie, or only eat healthily to fit in a smaller size. However, my sister Lillie defies the norm…especially for 14 year old girls.

The typical high school freshman girl wears about a size 0-2, low cut shirts, stands about 5’3″ and slouches into her scrawny bod as she obnoxiously flirts in the hallways. Lillie…not so much. She walks tall and proud at 5’9″ with a bootie that probably one cheek could fit into a size 4. She attracts the boys with her skills on the volleyball court and softball field; she keeps her friends with her quick sense of humor (sometimes she’s even quicker than her big sister); she draws attention to herself with her radiant confidence. And she doesn’t take thick girl trash from anyone.

Lillie’s grip on body confidence is inspiring. She says “I like how I am, why change it?” With 7+ athletic practices a week, not counting games and tournaments, Lil is by no means a couch potato. She has a level of athleticism that I couldn’t possess in a million years; her leadership and drive on and off the court or field are unbelievable, and people notice. Her ability to make people laugh with her clever comebacks, to smile with her sympathy, to cry with her inspirationally firm stance on body confidence is beyond that of probably any kid in her high school.

When I hear about remarks she receives from snotty girls (who are probably just jealous that their butt doesn’t look as high and tight in their bedazzled jeans as hers does) and the mature ways that she responds, I can’t help but think 14- year-old Lillie is way beyond her years. She works hard to fuel her body for her endless hours of athletics, gives 100% heart in all of her endeavors, and stands true to her belief in “thick girl representation” (and by the way folks, she came up with that one all on her own, talk about empowering).

Coming from someone who has never put on a size 0 in her life, let me just say that sister or not, Lillie’s confidence is something everyone should aspire to gain. Stand tall, be proud of what you have, and represent.

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1 Response to "My sister Lillie: Thick girl representation at its finest"

Hey there Anmarie πŸ™‚ , I’ve heard nothingg but positive things about you from Lillie. Your sister is an Outstanding, Tremendous, Confidential, Smart, And Achievevable girl. I love her to pieces !. Im very thankful to have a girl like Lillie in my life πŸ™‚

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