Snack attack!

Posted on: February 17, 2012

Enter healthy snacks: ready and waiting for the mid-morning grumbles, the quick nosh before a workout, the dinner that wears thin by 8pm.

I keep a small variety of healthy snacks in my room, most of which can serve as either something to tie me over until the next meal or as a component of a balanced meal.

First things first–breakfast. Sleep is so important to maintaining focus in class, and so is a breakfast. Even if all you can do is grab a granola bar…do it. It will rev your metabolism, balance your blood sugar, and wake you up. A typical breakfast for me is either oatmeal topped with nuts and fruit, a smoothie made in my Magic Bullet, or a Luna bar for the rushed mornings.

If you don't have a Magic Bullet (especially if you're living in an apartment) you're missing out. Blend frozen fruit and almond milk for a smoothie, avocados for guac, or chop veggies for a chop salad.

10:30 and 3:00 hungries are often inevitable. Small snack that can be packed without adding bulk are definitely helpful. Two of my favorites are mini luna bars and 100 calorie pack almonds. Other good options include larabars, dried fruit, seeds, and other nuts.

Remember to allow yourself time to splurge. Some healthy, snacky, splurgy items include: fro-yo, 1/2 peanut butter sammich, soy cappuccinos, or microwavable brown-rice.

Happy snacking and have a fabulously fit Friday!


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