Hey! I have answers!

Posted on: February 13, 2012

“AnnMarie, how do I get rid of this?” She asks squeezing the bit of pudge on her side above her hips but below he natural waist (love handles).

Women tend to gain in this area for baby-brewing purposes and the first place you gain weight is unfortunately the last place on your body that will look lean and skinnified when you commit to a diet and exercise routine. No, you cannot simply grab a dumbbell, lean to the side 15 times and expect to wake up with less bikini bottom bulge.  The key to losing fat in those really tough areas is focusing 80% on diet (clean food, lots of veggies, little sugar, less carbs, more protein, little to no empty calories) and 20% on exercise (4-6 days of cardio and 2-4 days of strength training). Bottom line: you can’t choose to lost fat only from your love handles, spot reduction is a myth. This goes for guys, too.

“AnnMarie, does lifting weights make you skinny?”

Many college-age women have particularly low muscle mass because they either live on the elliptical, or in the library. Therefore, lifting weights is going to build some fat-incinerating muscle and raise your resting metabolism. Adding strength training may not lower your weight, but rather, your jean size. Muscle is heavier than fat but takes up less space. First semester I befriended a couple of gym-rats and tagged along during their workouts on the weight-floor; I learned tons of new exercises and methods for lifting, but also gained 10+ pounds of muscle that my already athletic build could’ve done without. I, personally, have backed off the heavy lifting and am currently following a marathon training program supplemented by other low-impact cardio, muscular endurance (high-rep, low weight or body weight), and flexibility training (yoga). Most girls could definitely stand to gain some muscle to improve definition, but cardio is essential for losing fat and exposing the toning.

“AnnMarie, why don’t you eat meat?”

Open a book, magazine, or subscribe to a celebrity-endorsed email newsletter people. Ever heard of Meatless Mondays? Its a phenomenon sweeping the nation to encourage people to cut down on meat consumption to protect both their bodies and the earth. I follow a mostly vegan diet but typically get around 60-70 grams of protein per day. I don’t supplement at all due to health complications related to supplement and manage to remain energetic and healthy 90% of the time. Almost two years ago I noticed all of the hype around vegetarian diets and began to read up on them, after lots of research, I came to the personal conclusion that vegetarianism is the way to go to improve cardiovascular health as red meat is definitely not a heart-helper. Beyond that, the chemicals involved in the production of animal protein have no place in the human body. After beginning my meat-free diet, I continued to educate myself and realized the entire process of farming animals is extremely detrimental to the environment and adhering to a plant-based diet increases your overall self-awareness. I think more about how my actions affect the bigger picture when I stick to veggies, fruits, nuts, beans, and whole grains. Try going meatless one day a week, gradually increase the number of day and see how you feel.

“AnnMarie, make me work out with you!”

No one should have to FORCE you to workout. No one should have to FORCE you to do anything. I’m going to get all “Jillian Michaels” on you for a second here: gain some drive! This principle can be applied to so many aspects of your life; gain drive to complete a workout, to finish an assignment, to eat more healthfully, to educate yourself. If you gain drive, you accomplish more, become more energetic and begin to radiate. If it is specifically working out that kills your drive, do some soulmate workout searching and find your love. Our bodies are meant to move, so I promise that you will find something is both tolerable and calorie-burning. Some suggestions for out-of-the-box fitness: intramurals(definitely NOT for me and my complete lack of hand-eye coordination), youtube workouts, Women’s Health Magazine printout workouts, classes, dvd programs.

Tomorrow: You choose! Comment on Facebook or underneath this post and tell me what you want to hear.


4 Responses to "Hey! I have answers!"

Hey you should talk about what foods will help you for staying energized, for waking up, post workout, for late night cravings and overall easiest!

annmarie… you know i’m obsessed with you?! as will the rest of the world.. i’m counting down the days before you become ridiculously famous… i honestly think you’re going to work for a big time health magazine or something, advice like this is not only great advice, but written so well! brilliant. just brilliant.

Woah, you just inflated my ego by um…300%. You’re so sweet! Can’t wait for your Buzzin’ in dance mania this week!

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