First Fitness Buddy

Posted on: February 12, 2012

Every week I want to highlight someone in my life who has a positive impact on my health and fitness or simply someone who inspires me.

This week I’m going to cover a biggie: My boyfriend, Jeremy: my best fitness buddy.

Jeremy and I have been together for four and a half years and our relationship was, for the most part, founded on fitness. We became best friends when I joined the swim team, grew to be more than friends when we started going on 7 mile runs together, and now keep fitness as a huge component of our relationship by training for races together. He will be running the marathon with me on May 5th.

Although we are 2 hours apart because we attend different universities, we keep each other motivated to complete runs by discussing them before and afterword. On days before a scheduled run I always squeeze,” So are you running tomorrow?” into our daily phone conversation.

Another way that Jeremy helps me to better myself is by allowing me to vent about any and all nutrition and fitness challenges that I face. After countless hours of talking at him in high school about which diet plan I would adhere to for the given week, or whether I was taking in the proper amount of calories, or if I planned to stick to a vegetarian diet in the long run, or how Insanity was impacting my body, or the fact that I didn’t feel I could complete a full marathon without a training buddy, it’s sometimes hard to believe he’s stuck around for all of these years.

Jeremy’s competitive drive is exciting and definitely a personality trait I lack. It is what keeps him driven to keep fitness in his life. He always wants to be a little bit better, faster, stronger than the next guy. I envy his athleticism; the kid can literally jump in a pick-up game of almost any sport and probably win. And even as competitive as he is, when the game is over, he is everyone’s friend.

Thank you Jeremy, for encouraging me everyday to reach my full potential in all aspects of my life.

Jeremy and I last weekend watching from a rooftop as O.A.R. performed at Superbowl Village

Jeremy and I at his conference swim meet when we were 15. I saw him receive many medals at the state level, and with each medal he received, I worked just a little harder in the pool. Oh yeah, and his hair IS blue, sigh, those crazy Concord swimming traditions.

Tomorrow: Radom fitness-related questions that people yell in my face…Answered.


Any thoughts?

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