Escape the gym: Group X!

Posted on: February 11, 2012


Some of my fellow instructors and me ready for our “Love Your Body” launch party where we danced and sweat for 55 fabulous minutes


I love the energy of raising my heart rate amongst a group of my peers. What a better way to burn some calories AND experience lively camaraderie than a group exercise class?

I started my fitness journey with DVD’s in my basement, and once I gained some endurance and confidence I quickly fell in love with live classes. The program at Purdue offers so many great classes that, fortunately, I can attend for free since I am an instructor. Even without the perks of being an instructor a semester pass to unlimited Group X classes is only $45! Here is the link to the Group X Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PurdueGroupX

Some people are runners, some weight lifters, some couch potatoes; but no matter what your active life entails, I strongly encourage checking out group exercise as a regular workout or as a supplement to your usual routine. Here are some do’s and dont’s for gym-rats seeking a higher energy workout party:


  • read class descriptions, many gyms offer classes tailored to senior citizens, pregnant women, or even elite athletes. If you are going to try something totally new, make sure that you will be at least semi- in your element so that you don’t despise the thought of exercising in a group for the rest of your life because the only time you tried it the people you were sweating with had to ask the instructor to speak up because their hearing aids were out of battery and then whipped out a 3 foot long wallet insert of pictures of their grandkids.
  • recruit a friend to go with you. Seriously, I hop around class if I have multiple friends in there; I talk, laugh, and enjoy myself the entire time.
  • feel the music. Music can be one of the most motivating tools in regards to exercise and most group exercise classes place a strong emphasis on the beat.
  • consider purchasing a new workout outfit to show off! Ok, so here is the shopper in me coming out. I love pointing out fabulous workout gear that students are sporting in my class, and if you’re going to stair at yourself in a mirror for an hour, you might as well be looking at some brightly colored tennis shoes or patterned athletic pants. I am obsessed with Lululemon Athletica when it comes to perfect running tights, jackets, and tanks. Nike makes great running shorts, all of my favorite shoes , and spandex tights. Target has recently released a great workout line and always has cute sports bras.


  • get discouraged by choreography. Keep going to the same instructor’s classes; chances are their choreography will remain the same and you will have time to master it.
  • think strength training in a group setting is a joke. Classes offer a great opportunity to improve muscular endurance which supplements all other athletic endeavors. I personally love having an instructor there to share funny stories or tips to take my mind off the burn!
  • Forget water!
  • Forget deodorant. Seriously.

Tomorrow: fitness friend. Who will it be?


Any thoughts?

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