Plan it

Posted on: February 10, 2012

If you’re like many college students (or maybe people in general, college is all I know right now), you can probably chalk up more weekends as a loss as far as productivity goes. I try; I try so hard to sprint away from the statistic when it comes to remaining efficient on the weekends, although sometimes it is extremely difficult.

One thing that helps is keeping a to-do list. I do the to-do religiously on weekdays and am striving to maintain the momentum on Saturdays and Sundays. Obviously, with the rigorous schedule that college students keep throughout the week, we deserve a little break once Friday classes end; however, throwing all routine to the wind for two sevenths of our days only makes it that much more difficult to stay motivated for the remaining five sevenths. Try adding 2 academic to-dos (i.e. read and underline text, complete practice exam, do one assignment, etc.), 2 health and fitness related to-dos (i.e. track calories, attend turbo kick class, go for a run, eat a balanced breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, eat homemade soup for dinner as opposed to pizza, etc.), and one “catch-up” to-do (i.e. things you don’t have time to Monday-Friday like clean, organize a drawer, write a thank you note, meet up with a friend you never see, etc.) to your Saturday and Sunday schedule.

Another way to stay organized and on the right track through your ENTIRE week is to keep a schedule. I use Purdue Mortarboard but any written or electronic means of scheduling is appropriate. Write down major deadlines like exams, papers, and large assignments on a monthly calendar and then write the time during which you will prepare for said deadlines in your weekly calendar. Also include meetings, social events, a few to-do’s, and a workout schedule in your weekly schedule.

I am not a naturally organized person; I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached. That being said, keeping a to-do list and schedule helps me to remain faithful to my values of health, drive, and personal best. When my day is planned out, I waste minimal time and have time to celebrate daily successes.


Goal for planning: Keep to-do list momentum through weekend

Tomorrow: Group Exercise- the do’s and don’ts of attending a workout class


Any thoughts?

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