The plan

Posted on: February 7, 2012

As I said yesterday, I am a glutton for self-improvement. My constant desire to gain more knowledge, meet more people, be more active, and do more to make my mark is a reflection of that.

A huge chunk of my “story” up to this point involves being a member of my high school swim team. I joined post-initial weight loss as a means of remaining extremely active on a daily basis while surrounding myself with a team of friends. I don’t regret the drive the swimming instilled in me; however my habit of treating my stomach as a black hole was a tough one to kick when I decided to embrace life beyond the pool, Junior year of high school. Even now, I sometimes find myself reverting back to my garbage disposal ways, especially after a nearly sleepless night or when I am feeling especially unproductive. 

Overall, my diet is healthy. I tend to eat mostly vegan with the occasional cup of yogurt thrown in there. Its the weekends that murder my progress. Lack of sleep, mindless activities, and friends who know how to practice portion control better than I only inspire me to indulge in all of the things that I swear off Monday-Friday. My overarching goal for the next 12 weeks is to strengthen my ability to practice portion control, maintain my healthy lifestyle through the weekends, and ultimately reach 140 pounds for the first time in several years. 

140 pounds might sound pretty big for a 5’5″, 19-year-old girl; however, at 140 pounds my body (in which muscle grows like a forest fire) is a size 2-4 and is beyond fit. I am at my happiest there. Just an aside, I believe the concept of “happy weight” is SO important. When your favorite jeans are too tight, it ruins your day; when that definition in your upper abs begins to melt, you can practically hear the gym calling; when you make it to the gym and find yourself winded after half of the workout you used to do, you spend all night google-ing “ways to get in shape fast” “calorie counters” “gym apps for iPhone”. When you feel your best, all of your clothes fit, weight maintenance becomes second nature–that is your happy weight. Unfortunately, I have only been at this point for about a month during the past couple years. I am ready to embrace my happy weight!

My Plan:

1. Disclose my weight to the world and GET OVER the number. So here I go folks, I’m swallowing hard just doing this: 162 lbs. Yeah I know, I know its more than many GUYS my age. I don’t like the number, I don’t like it at all (It’s better than the 170lbs I saw when I stepped on the scale immediately following Christmas break). But when I put it in perspective I am a size 6; I am training for a marathon; I am a fitness instructor; I can do more push-ups than probably any of my girlfriends (ok maybe not one, but I will probably do a whole post on her later); and I am driven…it is just a number. Nonetheless, I’d like to see that number at 140 and will be updating on my progress.

2. Identify the tools I will be using to reach my nutritional goals: myfitnesspal app, fit book, Chalene Johnson’s PUSH, Bethenny Frankel’s Naturally Thin, Awesome Note app. I will be doing specific posts on each of these.

3. Slightly reforming my fitness routine. When I first got to college, I was a workout fiend–so much so that it probably had a negative impact on my grades, a desirable impact on my waistline, but I’m at college not a weight loss camp. Toward the second half of last semester, I began lifting weights, pretty heave weights, on an almost daily basis. This was fun while it lasted and a nice addition to my well rounded fitness background; however, I added about 15 pounds of muscle to my already extremely muscular frame. After discovering this, I decided to ditch the bench and barbell (for the most part) in exchange for a more female-friendly regular attendance of Body Sculpt and Piyo class. As far as cardio goes, I am in my 5th week of training for a marathon in Kalamazoo, MI, instruct Turbo Kick, and incorporate low impact cardio like cycling or elliptical on my days off running.

I hope you still have time to study after reading all that.

Tomorrow: The fun stuff starts! Review of myfitnesspal app and how you can use it in dining courts.



Any thoughts?

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